5-12-11 by dave

We have 3 days to get back to heaven after the last stretch of down time.  I drove up today to check things out and sit on the Forklift Chair, where I was the only on on it; it felt like a private club.  On the hill, the recent snow, rain, and general fog had left only faint remnants of last weekend’s traffic.  Reports from hikers, that had been working Alta during the week, indicated some layering issues with some punch-ability on the off trail.  Today’s warmth may help solidify the situation if it freezes overnight, and with the clear skies, that is a distinct possibility.  I was told there would be extensive Grooming efforts to accommodate the faithful, so I think we can expect some very nice sliding indeed. Peruvian Chair, Mineral Basin, and the Little Cloud Chair will be open, so it will be a super loop to get a full shot from the top, but that is what makes a super loop so much fun.  The hill is still Fat, Fat, Fat, so with the softening around the dial, it should be fun and beautiful with the forecast sunshine.   It will be great to get the gang all together again in the Fun Zone, so be there early to get the most of the day, even if it is a bit crispy to start things out.  You can always wait for softening to occur on the Forklift Chair, where it is always good.  See you early.   Peace Out!!

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