3-15-16 by dave

There was a 100 inch base reported today on the Bird site, and the faithful were in full attendance well before the opening bell.  With overnight accumulation added to yesterday’s installment, the dance floor was set for any step you would like.  While some of the old layer was still in evidence here and there, the high density quality offered great cushion that really made that old layer a non issue.  Here is a shot of my friend Mike getting it all on The Keyhole today. I think this shot exemplifies the great conditions that everyone was hoping for and the Promise of   FullSizeRender-7the Wasatch delivered.  It snowed off and on all day and is snowing here at the Trailer as I write this. I went for the deep gut lines that were holding the most accumulation that had been augmented by the wind from yesterday.  There were audible hoots and hollers all over the hill and that was a great sound  to hear in the wide open spaces.  Someone also expressed the spirit DSC03671of the day with this spontaneous writing in the fresh Essence covering the Snowbird Subaru.  I think this says it all.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation as the Northwesterly flow continues to bring impulses to the Front.  There may be continued flurries in the morning as well.  The off trail will be excellent once again on all aspects as the cold temps. preserved the quality.  The Groomers will be offering amazing Hydro Velvet as well, so it will be a full on shredfest for the morning session.  The hill is in great shape, and entrances that were a bit dodgy are much better covered after this installment.  See you for another great day on the hill with freshies wall to wall.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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