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It was a beautiful morning with a bit warmer temps, which meant that the break was going to go off faster than the past couple of days. Mineral Basin was offering the best quality for softening lines and there were wide open runs and light traffic. When the Break went off, the sweet window was quite long before things began to get a bit too soft. That Sorbet window is just so delightful when you get that soft full platform engagement with each turn. Kind of feels like cheating. Follow the Sun!!

A great shot of Dave Moore, Mark Herath, and Doc on the West Twin looking South toward Tibble Fork. You don’t often see this view unless you get yourself up there. Sublime!!

Tomorrow, look for more great Spring sliding, with plenty of cover, smooth prepared lines and a big window of great soft corn goodness when the break goes off. Tomorrow also is the last day of the Baldy Chair, so get your laps out there before it ends. Remember to stay for the great music and festivities on the Plaza Deck beginning around 2PM. See you there for the early lines in the back bowl. Straight Ahead!!



A cloud deck moved over the range this morning, filtering the Sun and slowing the softening of the pack. Mineral Basin was offering some very nice lines for the opening bell, which were smooth, silky and fun. The Baldy Chair offered a Lewis and Clark extravaganza with low traffic, good visibility and great carving. The Gad side of the hill was going to take a while to break and the Peruvian Gulch offered some good traction and wide open lines with no traffic.

Another long shot of Timp. Sount of the ridge line. That is one large massif.

Tomorrow, look for more great Spring conditions, a bit warmer temps to start and good cover top to bottom. I expect traffic to remain low, and lots of sorbet lines when the break hits its max point. Today offered some sweet sorbet consistency when the break went off. Just delightful. I’ll be taking the day off, so dial in the high edge angles for me. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



The morning temps were very cold, and the pack had frozen hard leaving super glaze on the prepared lines that had not seen any Sun. Mineral Basin was offering barely breaking prepared lines that were smooth and edgeable, but it was going to take a long time for the break to go off. Sections broke depending on the aspect and after a Lewis and Clark tour I retired to The Forklift to let softening occur. At 11:30 AM the front of the hill began to break but it wasn’t till 1PM that Regulator and the lower aspects of Little Cloud began to offers sweet sorbet that was a real treat once it got that Sun working.

A long shot of Mineral Basin from The Landing as I worked the Lewis and Clark prepared lines.

With that kind of cold in the pack, the break was slow and lasted a long time and only got sticky on the lower elevations at 2PM. Traffic was light and the Tram was running a 15 minute cycle.

Pipeline taken from The Road to Provo when I was testing the break on Mark Malu. I was a tad early, but Mark Malu proper was great and then, lower, it was brutal till softening occured.

Tomorrow, look for another late start as I think the freeze will persist again in the AM. Stay ahead of the break and enjoy some really nice spring turning as the day develops. Stay Frosty!!



A slow moving cold front dropped down out of the North and brought some overcast and flurries to the hill and light showers to the Valley to start the day. The light was flat, however the visibility was not to bad. Around Noon, clearing began to open things up with Sun shining and lighting up the dance floor. Sticking with the machine worked lines was the key to smooth sliding, as the off trail has stiffened up and was challenging. The spring time change has really morphed the pack all over the hill and needs to be worked with care.

Still full lines even with the beginning melt off as the Big Cycle continues relentlessly.

Tomorrow, look for Sun and warming temps with some Northerly winds and bright Sunshine to soften the pack. The machine worked lines will be offering the best feel and I will be taking extra runs on the Baldy Chair as this is it’s last week of operation. There is still plenty of cover, and with that small accumulation the other day the hill still looks fat and good to go. I expect some very crispy consistency on the front of the hill to start, so Mineral Basin will be the call for the opening bell. See you there for the Spring time fun. IBBY!!



Clouds were hanging on the peak as first Tram arrived, but clearing was on the way as the clouds were moving off. With the lack of traffic this past weekend, the pack had smoothed out quite a bit and the addition of 6 or7″ of fresh frosting was icing on the cake. As the Sun was out, there was a very short window before the freshness was affected by the rays and would go South quickly. Mineral Basin was full of options and the quick were going to get the best of the day.

Jake sent this shot of his brother frosting the cake with a paper knife.

On the front of the hill, there were great lines on the Upper Cirque that were smooth and creamy and felt really good until it began to be worked over, at which time the harbor chop really began to rise up and get stiff. That was when the window began to close, so it was quite short.

Professor Tom and Kevin Canton got this sweet line under the Sunday Cliffs with bright Sun, a due North aspect and freshness top to bottom

Tomorrow, look for some interesting texture and perhaps some overcast as a front moves through. I will be looking for the prepared lines to offer the smooth factor, which is important when the Spring consistency gets funky. There should be plenty of traction on the machine worked lines as that new product will get tilled into the mat. I expect a short window once again as the pack gets thicker and sticky as the day warms up. It will take a bit for a corn cycle to develop. Stay Frosty!!!



Yesterday’s warming of the pack set the stage for today’s substrate that obtained just an inch of fresh cover for today’s festivities. There were few takers for today’s spring storm, and conditions were difficult and variable. Off trail was no place to venture with the present crust that is happening there. The prepared lines were the place to find the smooth mat that would make safe descent manageable. There was rime ice making visibility difficult as well on top of all of that, but that is spring time in the Rockies.

Dino taking a look out of his Winter abode to check out the scene as Spring comes in heavy.

Tomorrow, look for more unsettled weather with improving visibility. The new accumulation will be tilled into the prepared lines and those will provide the best quality and smoothness for the existing firm conditions. Be very careful in any off trail sojourns, as it will be difficult and extremely variable. Temps will still be cooler than the recent warming trend, so I do not expect any softening of the overall pack. Traffic will be light once again, so that will make for fast turnarounds, but take your time and tread lightly. Remember to check out the Bird site for updates on all the changes that are now in effect. Straight Ahead!!!



Even with a temp of 40 Degrees in the parking lot at 7:45AM, there had been a hard freeze on the hill, which made for some interesting sliding. Mineral Basin was offering the best consistency for the opening bell, and the Grooming made traction easy and smooth. I did some laps on Baldy and found some smooth dialable lines that kept me coming back. On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch was very firm, with Anderson’s Hill being smooth but extremely firm. I opted to visit The Forklift early and let softening occur

Spring Temps, but plenty of snow top to bottom.

The front of the hill began to break around Noon, with Mark Malu getting some nice smooth traction and some excellent sorbet feel. Anderson’s Hill broke and offered back county smooth that made each turn a treat. I was able to ski with the top down all day and it was nice to have the wind in my hair and wide open slopes. Traffic was super light with back to back top to bottom Trams easy to make. Tomorrow, look for some stormage to have moved in, making visibility difficult and, depending on accumulation, some variability issues. Dress for storm sliding, and check for big changes in the operations. Get a look at the situation and chose the smoothest lines. Keep it tight!!!



That cloud deck that moved in yesterday evening, moved off overnight leaving a cloudless day and really warm temps on the hill. The break was early and fast, making the prepared lines soft and carvalicious right out of the chute. Super light traffic made back to back walk on Trams a great feature to take advantage of the short window of good sliding. These are the last couple of days of full mountain access so I will be taking advantage of the last runs down the lower mountain on the Gad side of the hill.

Mike McCarthy sent this great shot of a lonely line out in Pagan Bowl. Still some lines to find, but this heat will be putting the damper on till we get a fresh dose.

Tomorrow, look for another warm day with a very early break in the pack. I will be looking for more light traffic on the front side of the hill and back to back walk on Trams which are a real treat. The Grooming Crew has done a masterful job of keeping the hill in smooth shape even with the difficult spring time consistency that make it hard to work the mat. See you there for the fast and delightful morning session and music on the Plaza deck in the afternoon. Remain Standing!!



The temps were quite warm this morning with no overnight freeze, however, the residual cold in the mat did freeze and firm up most of the lines on the hill. Mineral Basin was offering the sun softened lines that broke first. On the front of the hill, Peruvian Gulch was given a fresh till, but efforts there had been scaled back, however, the tenderizing efforts left sweet lines that let you dial in full platform engagement right out of the chute. Around 11AM, Mark Malu really hit the high note, with soft silky consistency that let you dial in the high edge angle and wrap the turn where needed.

Mark Malu looking smooth, soft and ready for ground pounding fun.

With the no freeze overnight, the break went off very quickly and by Noon, there were very sticky section on the very bottom of the hill that kept you on your toes.

Dave Moore and Mike Biittner on the East Twin on a tour to the far side. Spring time magic.

Tomorrow, look for more spring conditions and chasing the break around the hill. The Peruvian Gulch will be offering good lines, but Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun from the word go. Look for more tenderizing efforts to have been performed which will aid in finding those smooth sugary lines that are a delight in those early morning hours.

Team Prozyna: JP, Maxi, Calo and Felix enjoying the sun and fun on the Plaza deck during their yearly snowbird visit. I have known JP since I first got to the hill. Great to see them here.

I think there will be some overcast skies, as a cloud deck moved in late this afternoon. Great spring conditions are on tap and great music on the Plaza beginning at 2PM. Lay it over like Mikaela!!!



It was warmer this morning, but there was still a real nip in the air, which has been really going a log way to preserving the pack. The machine worked lines were offering great lines with Mineral Basin offering the Sun and smooth, but Peruvian Gulch was offering the smooth top to bottom back to back pace that gets the motor running. I love the Sun and the sunny aspects, but I just love dialing in the empty wide open 3000′ ground pounding lines with full effect. Later, as the Sun worked the pack, the break did occur, which made the ride much more silky as the softness filled in.

Tom and Betty Muir caught a shot of me waving at The Tram Cam as we waited for the festivities to begin.. I enjoy waving to the Cam as you never know who is checking out the first Tram roster for the day.

Tomorrow, look for more great spring time fun with top to bottom machine worked lines, sunny prepared lines lit with Sun in Mineral Basin and continued light traffic. I will be checking out Mineral Basin in the AM as I have been focusing on the front of the hill, and I need to get a close up look at the Basin. It should be warming up even a bit more, and I anticipate being able to drive with the top down. Yay!! Keep it real!!