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A stout wind was blowing hard this morning, letting one or two Trams load for the first thing, but shut it down as the gusts intensified. The Sun was shining brightly after an overnight cloud deck moved off just in time for the opening bell. Smooth lines were prepared on all sides of the hill and naturally smoothed dry chalk was being offered on the High North sections that have been getting the light traffic.

The Chef and Silvye escaping the inversion and adventuring in Brazil send greetings from the Southern warmth.

Tomorrow, look for more cold temps as more Northerly flow continues. Dress for the cold and expect stout wind to continue. We’ll have to see if the Tram goes off. The hill remains in very good shape with great sliding holding up all day long. Traffic is fairly light and only seems to get crowded in the afternoon. See you there for continued shredding of the dry chalk. Remain Standing!!



It was quite a bit warmer this morning, but there was still a bit of a nip in the air that kept the snow quality refrigerated all day. Those due South faces had become soft yesterday and were a touch crispy in the AM. I found a new extra couple of passes on one of the prepared lines that had fresh dry cold chalk just on those two passes. It was a real treat to dial into that goodness before it went away.

Timp. was looking large and ancient this morning from the landing. These hills have seen some times.

Traffic was moderate today, and there was still fast moving Tram lines that let you keep the pace on the front side of the hill. Tomorrow, look for some changes in the weather, with some North wind, cloud cover at times, and some snow flurries as a front moves through in a hurry. Not much in the way of accumulation is expected. The off trail is still holding up, but those interference patterns are rising in amplitude daily. There are still some smooth areas of wind blown waiting to be explored, so keep your eyes open. IBBY



The temps are warming up, which lets you dress down a bit for the morning session and even more so in the afternoon. The smooth is still smoothing and the Groomers are offering excellent shredage on all sides of the hill. The High North is still holding the dry cold chalk, but those due South aspects are getting soft in the afternoon and crispy in the AM.

I took the day off today and spent some quality time with the horses. I brought them some fresh apples and they loved it.

Traffic was light today, however there was some moderate waiting in Mineral Basin when things got busy. Tomorrow, look for another warmer day with great smooth lines on all sides of the hill. The interference patterns are building and becoming more wide spread on the off trail lines, but are still quite dialable with the dry chalk. It is still Sunning, so enjoy the wide open lines till the pattern changes. ZIZZYBALOOBA!!



The day was a rock fest wall to wall, with wide open lines, dry chalky lines, and smooth dust covered sections. Lower Primrose had been given a fresh till and was offering that big mt. smooth that makes you dial it in like it was back country. Coverage remains excellent, and though we do need snow, there is plenty of ground pounding fun to keep your motor running.

Mark Malu offering wide open ripping and no traffic.

Back to back Trams were going off and there was no waiting for the next car. Tomorrow, look for more great fun all over the hill. The High North is still holding some off trail treats if you would like to stretch out and get some exploration. It warmed up today, so let’s hope we get even warmer tomorrow. Remain Standing.



The temps were quite cold this morning, with a very stout wind blowing hard enough to begin to transport any loose material that was laying in the wind’s path. It was being deposited in the low areas, the nap of the corduroy, and some of the long lines that capture certain aspects. Working these lines of dust was the call today and dialing in the turns that matter returned sensual rewards in each turn. Got to love that.

Another great shot from Neil out on the far reaches of Lewis and Clark frame the smooth lines that are still happening back there.

Some fast moving clouds were moving through from time to time, creating some dappling of the landscape, but moved on quickly and the Sun returned in full.

Team Central Mass. was enjoying the ambience of The Forklift before encountering the hill. They has a plan and it was going to work.

Tomorrow, look for still cold temps, so be sure to dress for the occasion. I expect more wind out of the North and that dust may be building up even more than today, so look for the soft lines that are easy to spot. The Groomers will be offering some dust covered sections, but those South facing aspects have been quite crispy. Light traffic is still happening and back to back Trams are easy to make. Stay Frosty!!



Crisp cold air greeted The Faithful this morning, with the Sun fully illuminating the dance floor. Great grooming efforts had been performed on the hill with the super steep sections getting some love. Off trail, there were some pockets of soft snow that felt substantial and spongy, making your turns feel floaty and fun. On the front of the hill, that little bit of fresh product made a noticeable improvement in the quality of the mat. Easy corduroy made each turn feel solid and accurate.

Neil sent this great shot from the approach to Ski Patrol Gully. It is so fun to see fresh perspectives with just a slight change of position.

Tomorrow, look for more great cruisin’, with light traffic. Back to back Trams are still going off with top to bottom speed to make the same boat. So fun to keep the pace. Dry chalky lines are holding up all day long with the Sun still low in the sky. I love this time of the season where the quality stays nicely refrigerated and consistent!! Straight Ahead!!



A light dusting was delivered overnight, and the clouds were lifting and leaving soon after opening. The traffic was super light all day long with walk on Trams going off back to back. Mineral Basin had some Sun going on, but the clouds moved in and out from time to time making the visibility go in and out. Still, the wide open lines were smooth and cruisin’ with an inch of fresh to make it nice.

The clouds remaining in the Valley with blue skies on the hill.
Light traffic meant the runs were all yours, top to bottom.

Tomorrow, look for a cold morning as this Northerly flow is still going on in the wake of that impulse. I expect traffic to remain light and the runs to be wide open and rippin’ . I’ve said it before, if it ain’t gonna snow, it might as well SUN. See you there dark and early for beginning of another smokin’ day on the hill. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!



I started the day with Sun Glasses thinking it was a good morning for shades, but the wind was ripppin’ out of the North and was lifting the granules of product into the face. Ouch! Mineral Basin was offering the bright Sun, but the wind was scouring the mat and the prepared lines were quite crispy, with some areas of deposited granules that felt luxurious underfoot. I was aiming for the piles and floating the tiles. On the front side of the hill, The prepared lines were firm as well, but smooth and had plenty of tooth to get a good edge. Traffic was very light, with back to back Trams easy to make.

The Red Tram ready to dock with another load of fun seakers ready to rock!!

Tomorrow, look for a kind of cloudy day as a fast moving impulse is poised to descend into the Front. I expect wind, cold, flat light low traffic. Look for the prepared lines to offer the smoothest lines as the off trail is beginning to see some rising of the interference patterns. Use your Spidy sense to keep the variations in control. IBBY!!



We had Sunday Fun today as the hill was offering smooth lines on all sides of the hill. That fresh till really was a treat. Mineral Basin was offering such fun for the morning session, and the front side of the hill had lots of options to keep the motor runnin’. Traffic on The Tram was light and back to back Trams were going off.

Back to back Trams with super light traffic this morning!!!

There were competitions being conducted on the hill today, so there was some amazing skiing to be seen. A lot of talent on the hill all day long, and it was fun to watch. Tomorrow, look for another great day of smooth, fresh corduroy and lots of Sun. I expect traffic to remain light, and the wide open runs to be ready for Layin’ it over like Ligety!!

T. U. getting the inside scoop on the day here at the Planetary Office!!

It was so fun to speak with T. U. and share the stoke on the hill. Loving the ski life!!



Clear cold skies greeted The Faithful who were ready to go for the opening bell. The Groomers were off that chart buffed with that dry fresh chalk that has been working it’s way up in the mat. Traffic was moving quickly, and the lifts were dealing well with it. By Noon, the Tram was walk on light and the hill was wide open.

A cute little guy hanging out. We are in his yard, so be very very quiet!!

Tomorrow, look for great conditions on the hill. I think there will be a good turn out for the early lines, but the lifts will deal quickly with that. Look for Mineral Basin for the opening rockin’ lines. All the prepared lines will be ready to dial. Straight Ahead!!