11-15-10 by dave

The rain pounded on the skin of the trailer with a thunderous cacophony signaling the goods were being delivered.  I felt sure that we would not be denied again, and I was correctly rewarded with a solid foot of dense, cold sugar frosting.  To quote  Frank Zappa it was like ” Frosting a cake with a paper knife” .   Granted the visibility was marginal, but the shear smoothness and silky response more than made up for the other issues.  The faithful had read the signs correctly and showed up in droves to be there for the first real powder day.  A delayed opening pushed the anticipation level further up the scale, which, when full released, sent the entire first Tram pushing for #1.  There was plenty of room for everyone with more of the sections further afield getting blown in and filled, covering some of the more suspect sections.  The wind was howling, and the  smart money looked for the small hollows that were capturing the transport.  On my last run,  I was graced with a full RUN IN THE SUN on Regulator Johnson, top to bottom, with a left hand line that was perfectly smooth and carpet like.  It only gets deeper, it does not get better.  With that,  I bailed to save my knees from the low amplitude rumble that was rising on the lower mountain as the day progressed.   Now with the wind deposited sections comes the stripped sections, so be looking out for those pronounced hummocks, spines, wind ridges, and gut tweaking knolls as you blast down the hill.  Early season snow pack remains an issue, so use caution, though the cover gets better with each installment.  Tomorrow look for more fresh product and continued excellent conditions.  I think that the crowd pressure will still be nominal, though they all tend to get spread out quickly, leaving the Boat walk on free; no worries.  Remember that It is Tram only with the Chickadee Chair running.   See you in the AM !!!   Peace Out!

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