3-15-13 by dave

It was 40 Degrees on the peak this morning,DSC01379with blue bird skies to great the very few who made the first Tram.  Mineral Basin was the place to be first,  with the groomers tenderized and ready for fun.   The front of the hill had been tenderized on the main runs, but the lower mountain was going to take until Noon to begin to break.  The early lines out on Baldy Express were skiing like twice chilled Mint sorbet, with a sweet granularity that felt sumptuous.  Another example of how perfection can be found if you just look for it.  The Sky was unusually blue, as this shot of Twins testifies, making the peaks a bit more 3D looking.  The rest of the hill began to break after noon, and during the short window of defrost, provided runs that were soft and silky before they began to get too sticky later in the afternoon.  The consistency stayed good up high, but Mineral Basin closed early due to the extra heat of the day.  Tomorrow, look for the groomers to be the place to be, though the High North is still holding the cold chalky feel.  The rest of the off trail will probably have a tough time thawing out if the predicted cloud cover shields the Sun.   Remember those South and West facing sections, which were really difficult to negotiate this morning, but folks were out there torturing themselves in the frozen crud.  It hurt just watching.  It is my day off tomorrow, so be careful and work the smooth where you can find it.  Peace Out!!

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