1-31-15 by dave

The Sun returned after a few days of obscurity, which made it a full on Sunny Saturday.  A fresh coating of Essence covered the dance floor to make the early Trams a treat for the early risers.  The bottom was fully in play with the old crust still making those affected aspects very tricky.  The Groomers and High North aspects were the place to be to get the most consistent lines, which were still holding strong after last week.  From the Trailer I kept tabs on the mountain cams and was glad to see such a pristine morning.   I took it very easy today to let my back rest up after last weeks vertical fest.  Here is a shot my friend Tom took from his aircraft of the Snowbird area.  It is kind of fun to get a bird’s eye view of the hill. It is a very cool perspective that you rarely see.  Thanks for the great shot Tom. -54 Tomorrow, look for the new freshness to be mixed into the mat on the morning Groomers, more Sun for high resolution visibility, and more full on vertical.   I will be back on the hill tomorrow to get a first hand look at how the hill is shaking out.  See you for the morning session.  Peace Out!!

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