11-22-14 by dave

One would not have thought that things could turn around so quickly after yesterday’s balmy blue sky weather, but today the storm arrived right on schedule. Here is a shot of the top of the hill that I took when I was leaving yesterday.  Things will look significantly better for the duration now that the BIG RETURN is now happening.  DSC02295Here is also a shot of Hellgate looking rather warm and toasty in the Sun.  What a piece of rock that is.  This morning opened to a light initial crowd and a fresh machine worked run to kick things off.  Precipitation began around 9:30AM with a dump of grauple that mounted up quickly with the heavy wind that came with it.  The Faithful began to show up in numbers at 10:00AM, so it was best to have been there for the first hour of operation.  Down here at the Trailer, the rain is pelting the outer skin with a very insistent sound, signaling that accumulation up on the hill is full on happening.  This system is predicted to bring the goods that we have been waiting for, and it is none too soon.

DSC02294 Tomorrow, be sure to check the Road Report for restrictions and expect the hill to still be limited, though check on that as well because that may change.  Whatever happens, the conditions are looking to become very nice with the prospect of much more of the Mountain to open in the very near future.  See you there for the fresh Goodness in the AM.  Ciao!!

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