4-16-14 by dave

Though it was a sunny morning with only a very high, thin, cloud deck high in the sky, but quite cold temps that had made the hill extra special primo firm.  I was woefully under dressed as I had dressed for how I wanted it to be.  Just goes to show how wrong you can be.  Mineral Basin was worked  nicely and offered the best of the early morning, with the cold snow of the recent installment still giving the mat some life.   On the front of the hill, the upper elevations still had some of the dry chalk in the mat, but as you moved to the lower elevations you needed all you could muster to get an edge.  I moved to the Forklift Chair to let softening occur.  Still, after breakfast, and with the cold temps slow to warm, I went back to Mineral to dial in some of the corn goodness that was then going off.  The front of the hill did not budge until 1:00PM, and regulator did not break until 2:00PM.  When the break came, the sorbet delights began to be served up with smooth feeling turns that did not have even a hint of stickiness.  That was a real treat, and I was able to get the full day in.  Tomorrow, look for another sunny day, but the morning will be crispy.  Look to that Mineral Basin option to get you the goods from the opening bell, and work the Sun as it clocks around.  The off trail will still be tricky with the underlying crunch, but those High North sections are still holding the cold and will be worth a peak if you are in search of some diversion from the ground pounding pace.  Here is a shot of Dr. Pepper, who made a surprise return trip after leaving for the season.  He told me to say AHHH, and to take two asprin.  Thanks Doc!!   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!DSC02048

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