1-27-12 by dave

10 inches of medium density Essence fell late yesterday and overnight, covering the hill in a blanket of the most succulent frosting imaginable.  The turns were near effortless in the smooth consistent cover that had filled in all the variations, leaving the drive lines good to go.  I took my first trips out the Cirque Traverse to check out the cover, finding the Traverse proper well covered, especially the section near the fence, in the middle, that gets so worked.  Wilbre Bowl and the West facing shots had plenty of cover, but I did find some rocks here and there, but over all I was impressed with the quality and cover.   I made several trips out there due to the access cover, with my first run all the way out to Lone Pine for the first run  of the season off the Traverse.  It was excellent, with just a small slough to clear at the very top, leaving the rest of the shot smooth and a gift from the Universe.   Mineral Basin also benefited from the new snow, though the large debris sections still presented issues over a wide area.  The Road to Provo opened this afternoon, looking well covered, and did not have as much debris to mar the lines.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to offering some very special goodness, the off trail to still have soft lines, however, the Harbor Chop did begin building quickly with the high traffic.  My knees were just screaming for mercy on the lower mountain where the chop was particularly acute.  The entrances to the favorite spots are improving rapidly, but still need to be taken with care, and a deliberate approach, until it opens up.   The Upper Cirque opened for the first time as well, so check that out early before it gets too worked.  Here is a shot of the perfect cover of Essence just above the traverse to the Bookends.    See you Sunday.   Peace Out!!


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  1. Mike says:

    Since I am from out of the area, I really appreciated your tip about the Cirque Traverse from yesterday. My son and I got some nice turns down Upper Cirque. Then Mineral Basin looked so good we did a couple out between Silver Dipper and White Diamonds which was excellent. Then we lucked out going up Little Cloud and saw The Road To Provo open – got a couple runs back there before it was totally trashed.

    Thanks for your posts!!! Hopefully we will be back next year.

  2. Barry Stone says:

    Dave – Enjoyed our Peruvian chair ride. Your analysis is great reading. Glad to have discovered this guru inside report. It will serve as our guide when Carol and I are in residence at the Bird. Keep up the good work! See you next time.

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