2-27-14 by dave

The first few runs of the day featured a 1 CM coating of smooth flannel feeling Essence that begged you to dial in a laid over turn.  Both sides of the hill were sporting the same feel top to bottom.  Lower Primrose got the grooming nod again with great consistency and a steep long line that felt like surfing a wave.  The off trail had frozen up after yesterday’s warm up, leaving much of those expanses very tricky and tenuous.  I did find some of the old wind lines still holding the smooth, and with the new cover they were offering the best off trail options.  Snow continued to build in intensity as it built up quickly, however, the harbor chop developed with the increased traffic.  Back to back Trams were easy to make, so you could kick up the pace to match the cars.   Tomorrow, look for the accumulation after the lifts close to be on tap for the morning session, clearing skies and higher traffic.  Tomorrow, look for some significant accumulation to be left over after the lifts closed today, so there will be lots of untracked lines to explore wall to wall.  I still think the crusty layer is still going to be in play to some extent, especially on the West facing aspects, but the density of the product will help cushion the ride.  Another nice feature about today was a quiet muffled feel to the sound of the edges on the snow.  Absent was most of the scratching sounds of the edges on the crust, and the increasing depth kept reducing the volume in your ears.  Quiet world.  Check the Canyon report for restrictions in the AM.   Here is a shot of my friend Neil working the outer limits of a Lewis and Clark sojourn the other day,  where he was frosting the cake with a paper knife.  See you there to mine the goodness.  Ciao!!-39

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