Memorial Day Week End

5-22-09 by dave

Well I went and got my Pick up Truck for the summer festivities, I was free to get up early Friday morning for the morning corn.  Very warm overnight temps. had Regulator going off from the get go, so dalliance will be problematic.  The glue effect began coming  on at 10:00 AM, to give you an idea of the timing.  Very minimal cat work in the out of bounds areas limits the best conditions.  The off trail snow is heavily sun cupped and was very punchable, sending me back to the groomed section to take advantage of some semblance of solidity.  The catted area was only one pass wide, so the emphasis is on the upper mountain, which was very nice and Regulator was wonderful.  Again, it reminds me of Red Baldy when it is like that.  Mineral Basin was good, but getting soft even earlier, with grabbiness on the flat areas.  One could seriously double eject if one were not careful.   By 11:00 Am the lower mountain was really sloggy and I had to bail.  It is possible to get to the bottom on both sides of the mountain. The lower return out of Peruvian gulch has melted out ,so it is wise to use the lowest road which comes out of Who Done It.  Who Done It tis still covered, but is going fast.   Be sure to do a bit of scoping on the Tram ride up to get a handle on coverage.  The Bass Highway is still covered and full, but gets Goopy and very slow.  Big Emma is still covered, and it too is going fast,  so be aware.  The weather is moving up from the South, so the forecast is not promising.   I will make it up again tomorrow and will post the latest , however I will not be there Sunday or Monday , so you will have to make the turns for me .  Ciao!!

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