9-25-12 by dave

The rain was really making a lot of noise on the Trailer in the early morning hours


as I luxuriated in the dream state.  Up on the hill was a light dusting of Essence, signaling the return of the BIG CYCLE.  Though it is still too early to get any accumulation, though that is not unheard of, it is sending vibrations to all of the Faithful that a new season is almost here.   I hiked up to the peak the other day to investigate the rock strata that is quite varied, and was looking for examples of the Tintic Quartzite that is laced within the geological layering.  SNOWBIRD SECRETS treats this feature as one of the major platforms of commentary, so I was curious to find the  large seams and see the crystalline structure sparkle in the Sun.   On the Peak great progress has been made on the installation of the new Little Cloud high speed quad, and here is a shot I took of the top station with the American Fork Twins framing the new installation.  Pretty space age looking equipment.  This will really make the Around the World access so much faster, and makes a storm day ascent more manageable.  The weather is going to warm up nicely again, so the good weather will continue  helping keep the installation on schedule.  I will be posting much more regularly, so stay tuned for updates as they happen.  We will be riding the Gravity Waves before you know it.  Peace out!!

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  1. jim brown says:

    Enjoying your postings and have my season pass in place. Hope to be there first week in Dec. for another winter. Summer in the east has been awesome. Keep the reports coming. Jim

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