4-14-14 by dave

High density Essence covered the dance floor after yesterday’s late day snow squall dumped some nice cushion.  This morning was very cold despite the bright Sun, but that feature kept the product nicely refrigerated all day long.  The peak temp did not dip below 20Degrees as a light breeze kept a very winter feel going.  Though the new accumulation had a nice cushioned feel, the bottom was still in play, but certain lines, especially low angle pitches, offered great feel and flow.  Here is a shot of the tracks that Mr. Scott put down out on our morning Lewis and Clark sojourn.  There was no pressure for these lines, and we got to put down line after line all morning long until it was time to ride the Forklift Chair.   After breakfast, I was dialing in the High North sections of Peruvian Gulch, some of which had not been opened in some time.  While this bonanza was a boon on the day, some of the further West faces had some serious frozen chicken heads hidden underneath the freshness.  It was wise to expect some serious crunch and chunks, and work the sections accordingly.  The cold kept it good until the closing bell, with strong traffic getting the last of the day’s lifts.  Tomorrow, look for the High North to still be holding the best quality, though most of the hill will still be approachable.  The Groomers should be smoking smooth and silky, and staying ahead of the Sun will be important.  The crunchy layer will still be firmly in play on all exposures, so tread lightly.   See you for the morning fun fest!!  Peace Out!!-45

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  1. Tom and Betty says:

    Hi dave,

    After all these years, you and the morning crew are still inspiring in me a call to get up early and get the goods. But early is not in my genes. Now, with pictures even, all this season, the evidence is in – nice turns Mr. Scott, just like always.

    We are done for the season now, back home safe and sound thanks to last week’s high pressure and warmth (50 to 84 degrees), all the way home. The Great Lakes are still half ice cover, and it’s snowing lightly now as we speak.

    But your words let the seasons’ memories linger – thanks!

    Till next time,


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