3-01-14 by dave

The Trailer was rocking all night long and I was glad that the extra anchors I installed kept it from experiencing the mishap that happened a couple years ago in the high wind.  Up on the hill, another foot covered the dance floor with the big low pressure sending waves of moisture to us as it turns off shore.  The wind and warm pattern of this cycle has kept the density very high, with a sugar like consistency that is very spreadable indeed.  There were many FB posts saying that this was the best day of the year, so I am glad that the Promise of the Wasatch is being fulfilled.  Things were slow to get started, but there were nice lines to chase on the Gad side, and once the Tram opened it was game on.  There is a very high concentration of talent on the hill presently with the FWT going on tomorrow and it has been fun seeing the folks getting jiggy with the hill.  Be sure to keep all those up hill drops in mind as you pass underneath,DSC01880 as you never know if it is a drive line.  Now, any line is the drive line.  Tomorrow, look for some residual accumulation to greet the morning crew, the FWT to be going off beginning at 10:30AM, and another day to get the goodness that we have been waiting for.  The hill is still holding the smooth over all, but there are still some high amplitude lines to find if you look around. The plus side of that is that they will be soft bumps.  It looks like we might get a bit of a break in the weather, so take advantage of this cycle as it unfolds. Here is a shot of some of the spires out in Mineral Basin that were looking particularly clear and pointy.  Stay Frosty!!

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