9-19-14 by dave

Here we are half way through September, and Time is in overdrive it seems.  The colors on the hill are looking very nice and still have a way to go till they peak.  Here is a shot of  the DSC02259Tanner’s Flat area getting painted over with the fall colors.  The Canyon has so many faces that get covered over when it snows.  I learn a lot by looking




closely at the hill durning this time to help dial it in.  Here is a shot of the Upper Cirque area.  Soon it will be Go Time.  DSC02250Up on the hill, the new structure is beginning to take shape with steel going up and continued work on the foundation.  Here is a shot of the progress since the last time I got up. It is looking very cool.  DSC02252There was a rendering of the new facility there on the peak, so here is a shot of how it will look when it gets done. I really think it will be a great addition to the experience.  It will be fun to stand in the big glass windows when the storms are pounding the peak.   I love that time on the peak, though you have to move off quickly, so you never get a chance to witness the Vortex as it rages.  I will look forward to that.   DSC02253The Starman sent me this incredible shot of 25′ storm surf on the Baja a few weeks ago.  That is some serious water rolling in here.  He had a great stretch of surf and  Kite surfing.  That is a cross training dream.  Nice..10621429_10204499545510012_269948719_oDon’t forget Oktorberfest will be going off this weekend, so be sure to get there for the fun and get up to the peak and the check out the lines, it will give you an edge.  I’ll be going down the rabbit hole this next stretch, so it will be interesting to see what I find.  Be well and get ready to SIZZLE!!  Peace Out!!

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