9-12-15 by dave

I brought the Trailer down from the High Desert, as my meetings with the Blue Sphere Alliance have now been completed going into the end of the year.   I have it parked in it’s undisclosed location, and the horses were glad to see it coming back to the old corral.    I took a Tram ride to see how the peak facility is coming along and ran into friends that had completes the Hidden Peak Challenge.   Here is a shot of Team Goose, who really had a great time coming up the hill.  A race up the Mountain is certainly a challenge, and I tip my hat to all the folks who entered.  DSC03147Here is a shot of my neighbor Lawrence, who bested his last year’s time with a blistering 58 minutes.   This was a big goal for him and he achieved his ambition.  Good running Lawrence!!DSC03152They are pouring the exterior deck of the new facility, which will be huge and will offer seating and a place to chill when you are on the peak.  Here is a shot of the folks working the newDSC03149concrete to a fine finish.  Note the heating tubes which will keep the deck snow free.  Nice touch.  I also got a shot of the closed expanse of the structure, now that the glass has been placed.  DSC03150They are still working on the exterior facade, which is coming along nicely.  The stairs are now complete, and work is full speed ahead to stay out in front of the weather changes that are soon to be happening.  The colors are changing rapidly with the cool overnight temps. and some of the Aspens are starting to flair with that bright yellow for which they are famous.  Octoberfest is in full swing and there is great music and food happening, so get up there for the festivities.  Be sure to click on the Realskiers link on my links page and keep up with Jackson’s  posts that he has been putting up as the season approaches.  There is a lot to check out on his site that is most informative.   Stay tuned for further up dates now that I am back in town.  Peace Out!!

3 Responses to “COLOR CHANGES”

  1. marie says:

    Thank you for the update. Miss your smile and mustache.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Dave, can’t wait to get out there. BTW, the link to “read a chapter” of Snowbird Secrets is inoperative.

  3. dave says:

    Thanks Rob, It won’t be long now. We got that glitch with the Snowbird Secrets site fixed, so go check out the chapters. See you soon.

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