2-10-15 by dave

There was a clear window of sunshine greeting the faithful this morning before the clouds began to move in.   A few inches of medium density Essence covered the dance floor making it treat all over the hill.  The High North was really nice, offering smooth soft lines that begged for a return visit.  A Lewis and Clark sojourn was rewarded with some excellent lines out in the far reaches.  Here is a shot of Mr. Scott making some turns out in the perfect goodness. -91It was not all that deep, but it was all that good.  I had to make another lap out there just be sure it wasn’t a dream.  On the front of the hill great lines were to be found where the comp. had been held, with a dedicated crew working that little bit of the goods.  There was plenty for all, and everyone was having a great time.  The clouds moved in rapidly, obscuring the Sun, making for some challenging visibility.  Here is a shot of Timp. with the clouds washing up and over as the cloud deck moved in.  It was not very long after I took this shot before that it would not be seen again.  DSC02559The temps were fairly cool, so the product was not taking much of a beating from the Sun, and will continue to be soft as we move forward.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be off the charts rockin’ for the morning session, with the High North still holding the goods with smooth lines un marred by interference patterns.  There are still some lines that developed some real amplitude during the last stretch, and are still resident and obvious with just a visual check.  Go with what you know and what you see.  Still be wary of the West facing aspects as there is still quite a bit of crunch underneath the freshness.  It will be a great morning and I will be looking forward to that Hydrovelvet!! IBBY!!

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