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Temps were quite warm to start the day and getting warmer by the minute. The Front side of the hill was really crispy despite the warm temps and it was going to take a bit for the pack to break. Mineral Basin was way ahead of the rest of the hill, offering some very nice corn lines if you went out of the prepared sections to get them. It was a very festive atmosphere, with costumes, wild vintage ski wear, high spirits to end the season, and great music on The Plaza.

Visiting from Powder Mountain, Pikeski and Tank Girl were stoked to be getting the last turns of the season here at The Bird!!

The front of the hill began to break, with some really fun corn feeling pack on the prepared lines. The Grooming Crew had exposed the pond at the bottom of Think Young and the Faithful were getting wet and wild. Regulator finally broke and was offering smooth corn for a while before it got worked over too much..

A very important reminder to remember as we begin the Summer stretch.

Tomorrow, look to get going with vigor into whatever stoke you choose for your Summer activities. It has been an amazing season and I want to thank all those who work on the hill and make The Bird Turn everyday for us. Everyone did an exemplary job keeping the quality up to a very high standard. I will be taking The Trailer up to the High Desert quite soon to continue the deep investigations!! Have a great Summer season and as Joe Man The Snowman say’s, “Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!” Remain Standing!!!



It was a perfect blue sky day with warm temps to start. The pack is very smooth overall, which is a really nice treat with that big mountain back country feel.

My good friend Jeff logging and documenting his 100th Day on the hill. I know, first hand, that he extracted the maximum juice from the White Zone!!

A great band was playing on the Plaza, rockin’ the tunes and keeping the party going. Tomorrow, look for another great day of Spring sliding. This will be the last day of the Season, so dial in to the pulse of the hill and let it propel you into the Day’s ahead. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



It seemed warm in the parking lot, but up on the hill there was a stout cold wind blowing out of the North. The snow was pluming off the ridge lines and the snow was smooth and cold with just a bit of wind crust in places, just to make it interesting. There were fresh lines to find on all sides of the hill to start the day and it was going to take quite a while for some of the aspects to morph with the direct Sun.

The West facing aspects off the peak were smooth and well covered for this late in the season.

The upper two thirds of the hill was soft and fun, but the lower aspects were quite firm and needed some Sun time to soften those crispy lines on the lower third of the hill. Traffic was moderate, but the lifts were keeping up with the flow and the waits were short or non existent, with turn around time quick and fun,.

The long look down Who Dunnit which is fully covered with plenty of traction with the fresh till.

The hill is in great shape on all sides and there are really no cautions to mention. Tomorrow, look for some still soft cold snow on the High North aspects with good grooming efforts to let you choose your favorite lines. Mineral Basin will offer the best conditions to start out the day and there should be a break much earlier than what was happening today. Speed Safely!!



There was a fair freeze overnight which set the Front side of the hill up solid. Mineral Basin was breaking early, offering beautiful corn lines that were flawless and as they softened even more became a perfect sorbet that demanded you extract as much goodness from each turn you could. Lap after lap was fast and fun, and doing some of those far out traverses with friends was a real treat.

Mazolla- The Goodness of Maize!!!

After 11AM the front side of the hill began to break, but the surface was still quite firm, but there was more and more traction with each lap as the pack softened. Regulator began to soften after Noon, and Mark Malu was resisting all softening until almost closing. Coverage was excellent top to bottom, and I think the pack will survive in pretty good shape going into next weekend. Stay Frosty!!



A cloud hung over the peaks this morning to start things off. The Valley was clear and the clearing was not long in coming. The freeze was not too hard, so the pack softened fairly quickly in the usual pattern. Attention to aspect was still key for the early laps.

Turning the corner and getting the full view of the choices, choices, choices!!! Thanks Jake!!

Great music was on tap on The Plaza with Lake Effect filling the air with great tunes. Tomorrow, look for another great day. The Mineral Basin will have the first of the softening, and I expect the hill to break in the usual pattern, so staying with the break should be an easy call. See you there for some soft Spring turns. Straight Ahead!!!



There was a light freeze overnight and the front of the hill was pretty crisp to start out the morning, but Mineral Basin was breaking right for the opening bell. The corn goodness on the smooth sections was amazing and perfect.

Neil sent this shot of the sweet corn goodness found out on Lewis and Clark.

The high traverse out toward The Bookends and beyond was offering big mountain smooth lines that were carvalicious and really rare.

A view from Ski Patrol Gully that Jake sent lets you see the soft surface on the traverse.

The front of the hill was still needing a bit more time, but really came alive around 10AM, with the groomers offering smooth consistent lines that let you get jiggy with your turns.

Doc, dialing in some perfect Sorbet out on Ski Patrol Gully.

Tomorrow, look for another early break as the pack really absorbed a lot of heat down deep and will get soft much quicker with the warm overnight temps due to the high clouds that have been flowing through. There will still be great lines to find and smooth sections of the hill to dial in. Follow the Sun and hit those North and West faces last. That was the ticket today and it really made the day. Keep it tight!!!



There was a very hard freeze overnight, and the pack was extremely solid and well beyond firm for the opening bell at 8AM. I took the hints and retired to the Forklift to let softening occur up on the hill. Peruvian was the only lift servicing the hill today and the terrain off trail was very punchy with a gnarly zipper crust that made you really pay attention. The break began around 10AM and worked it’s way back up the hill with the rising of the Sun over the ridge.

Wonderful folks were also waiting for softening in the Forklift. These two were having so much fun!!

Tomorrow, look for a partly cloudy day, with Mineral Basin added to the party, offering a wider choice of aspects to start the day. Still, a bit later start is advised to avoid the seriously firm morning conditions. The break should be a bit earlier in Mineral as the Sun bakes the pack and will get softer more quickly. I am going to take my time. Remember, that the West facing and North facing aspects will take considerably longer to break in the AM. The coverage is excellent after the long stretch of precipitation we have had. The air temp rose quickly as the Sun came up over the ridge and you can dress down a bit. See you there for the fun. Watch your Six!!!