5-08-22 by dave

There was a fair freeze overnight which set the Front side of the hill up solid. Mineral Basin was breaking early, offering beautiful corn lines that were flawless and as they softened even more became a perfect sorbet that demanded you extract as much goodness from each turn you could. Lap after lap was fast and fun, and doing some of those far out traverses with friends was a real treat.

Mazolla- The Goodness of Maize!!!

After 11AM the front side of the hill began to break, but the surface was still quite firm, but there was more and more traction with each lap as the pack softened. Regulator began to soften after Noon, and Mark Malu was resisting all softening until almost closing. Coverage was excellent top to bottom, and I think the pack will survive in pretty good shape going into next weekend. Stay Frosty!!

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