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It was a beautifully festive day with sunshine, warm temps, and plenty of music, costumes, and great cover to send out the season. There was great music on the Plaza and the Powder Mafia was on deck for another season’s appearance. Coverage is still excellent after these last few installments that were recently delivered, and the Cat Crew did a great job putting the smooth on the hill for the occasion.

Kevin and Doc laid sown these spooned tracks in celebration of a great season.

Tomorrow, look for overcast skies with some weather forecast for later in the day. We’ll have to see how much of a freeze we get, but I am betting it will be quite firm for the early going with some late softening. The festivities will still be happening for this last day of the regular season. IBBY!!



It was quite cold and windy this morning, with a fresh coating of frosting for the few early risers that showed up for the opening bell. The substrate was firm, but the new installment made it much more consistent. The clouds moved in more heavily in the first couple of hours, but seemed to back off later in the day.

Good friends locked and loaded for another great Spring day at The Bird.

Tomorrow, look for the prepared lines to be offering the best lines on the hill. The fresh material will be tilled into the mat making for a much more consistent surface. It looks like the Sun will be lighting the dance floor, so visibility will be great wall to wall. The coverage remains excellent with top to bottom lines with no areas to avoid. The Sun will be affecting the pack as the day heats up, so work the aspects for the best quality. Stay Frosty!!



It was much warmer on the hill this morning, but the pack still had frozen up and was going to take a while to break. Mineral Basin was offering some nicely prepared lines down White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper for starters and fast laps there were fun and direct. The off trail was quite difficult after it had frozen up and waiting until the break was key. On the front of the hill, Upper Primrose Path had been given a fresh till and was dry chalky and loaded with fun that just kept coming at you. The Sun had burned through the high cloud deck that was hanging around, so the visibility improved as the morning progressed.

Junior and Steve Bounous were at the top of the Peruvian Chair and it was great seeing Junior on the hill. Today was day 97 for him. Well on the way to 100 Days.

Tomorrow, look for a weather complicated day, with clouds, wind, some precipitation. The Groomers will be providing the smoothest ride and the off trail should be avoided till some kind of warming occurs. The coverage remains excellent, and there are plenty of options on all sides of the hill. Keep it tight!!!



A high cloud deck muted the Sun today, making the light pretty flat and the detail on the hill marginal. The Grooming Crew did a great job preparing lines on all sides of the hill, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper out in Mineral Basin offering smooth lines for the sparse opening attendees. The warm temps were still going to take a bit to soften the front of the hill that began to happen around 11AM. Lower Primrose Path added to the fun with a fresh till that felt great as the pack broke.

Down South the Sun was shining on Provo Peak, but the light remained flat on our hill.

Tomorrow, look for more excellent prepared lines. The off trail has become more difficult as the pack begins to morph with the warm temps. Again, aspect is going to be important in your line choice for the opening bell. The forecast is for more overcast skies, with some chance of afternoon precipitation. Coverage remains excellent on all elevations. A later start to the day will help you avoid some of the more crusty lines that will be on tap early. Speed safely!!



It was a beautiful morning with still air, bright Sun, and a light presence for the opening bell. There were fresh lines available as anticipated, and getting to the goods was easy and in some cases a bit of a hike. The Groomers were amazing on both sides of the hill with a soft dry feel that reminded me of mid Winter. Laps on the Mineral Chair were fast and fun with White Diamonds and Lower Silver dipper really hitting the high fun quotient.

Diamond Dave dropping a fresh line off the Knuckle Head Traverse. It did not take long for this section to get noticed.
Doc and Kevin Canton stacking the lines off the Knuckle Head Traverse.

The morning temps were nice, but still a bit brisk, which kept the pack from morphing too quickly. The off trail lines on most aspects were still offering soft dry lines, but the underlying crunch could still be felt. The front of the hill was vacant for the morning hours and back to back Peruvian Chairs were fast and fun with smooth corduroy holding up for a long time.

The first two lines on Old Reliable this season. Had to be paying attention to get this before anyone noticed.

Tomorrow, look for more great Groomed lines on all sides of the hill. The direct Sun aspects did get baked today, so they will be a bit gnarly in the AM. Still, the High North will be good and there will be some obscure lines to find. Keep a sharp eye.

Dave Matz sent this great shot of the Sun Halo that I saw around the Sun today. Signs of things to come. I can be patient.

It will be even warmer tomorrow, so I will be driving with the top down like I did today after Breakfast. The hill is in really good shape after all this snow, and the sunshine with no crowds is a real treat. Remain Standing !!!



More goodness was added to the pack and The Faithful were in full attendance for the opening bell. Areas of the hill that had been closed yesterday opened up and everyone was getting after it, with great conditions that were pure stoke. The Groomers were epic and the off trail was perfect, with plenty of cushion over the old substrate.

Mikey M working the Hanging Bowl, while the crowd was pushing other angles.

Clouds moved in and the visibility went in and out as the clouds moved through. The lines on the front of the hill abated while Mineral Basin got the traffic, so playing the crowd payed dividends. Tomorrow, look for more great lines to still be available, as the Sun did not really get much of a chance to bake any aspects. Awareness of aspect will still be a valuable tool for your approach to the day. The Groomers will be great once again, and you will be able to explore your inner Ligety!! Traffic should be much lighter and hot laps will be on tap on all sides of the hill. Remember, Zoom is closed for the season now, so take that into account. Speed Safely!!



The Faithful were in full attendance to get goods that were delivered in the past while. The hill has been smoothing out and, with this installment, is very consistent over all. Great lines were everywhere as the hill slowly opened. But the consensus I saw on line called it the best day of the season. Mikey M and the crew were on the hunt for Essence and they certainly found it.

Blaine Wright exploding the product on Baldy!!
Mikey M getting blasted on Baldy. That is a full experiential envelope!!
Peter Hughes dialing in the Power Pocket in the Lower Gad Chutes.
Larry Faris on Lower Gad Chute .

Clearly, the conditions were all time and it was great to have weather for most of the day so the product did not bake. The Sun has come out here at The Trailer, but I think there will still be plenty to get in the morning. The Groomers will be insane with all this product to work with. I still am going to dress for colder temps. Straight Ahead!!



April showers were knocking on the skin of The Trailer, signaling the arrival of April powder on the hill. There was lightning and thunder associated with a strong impulse that passed. There was quite a bit up on the hill. Mikey M sent along some great shots of the fun.

Peter Hughs working the April Essence today.
Mikey M. working the smooth lines out on Baldy!
Danny Fitzgerald in the fall line and power blasting!!
Tyler Herath on Baldy dialing in spring perfection.

Conditions are looking really good for this time of the season, and April Powder is some of the very best. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight, a fair push for the product, and good snow when you dial it in. Coverage is great and there are a lot of aspects and lines that are really good right now. IBBY!!



A very warm wind was howling out of the South, putting the lifts on wind hold for a while. I hit the Forklift Chair to assess the options and get a handle on the day. Weather is moving in tonight, bringing a very good chance for some serious precip. With the warm wind, the pack was thawed, with the lower elevations offering some soft turning when the lifts began turning.

Snow pluming off the ridge as the wind pumped out of the South.

The hill is in great shape to receive this next installment. Tomorrow, should be a storm day with much colder temps. So dress for cold and Winter conditions. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out. I am feeling good about this system, and it will make the quality spike up once again. April has surprises. Not over yet. Stay Frosty!!



It was really chilly this morning as the day began. A few inches of light density Essence covered the dance floor, enticing many to sample the goods on the off trail sections. On the front of the hill, the underlying layer was fully in play and staying on the prepared lines paid dividends, however, off trail was pretty good on the smoother sections. I was sticking with the tenderized lines that had some of the fresh material mixed in to soften and add some cushion to the ride. Mineral Basin was offering great prepared lines, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering super carvey lines that made me hurry back for more. The Sunday Cliffs opened and there were some fresh lines to explore.

Fresh lines were plentiful with a bit of traversing. Smooth substrate helped make the turns easy and sweet.

There were plenty of fresh lines to dial in and a bit of imagination helped get you where you wanted to be.

Burke Weir holding the STILL point and getting full platform engagement.

Traffic was light, and hot laps were fast and fun to get. This additional accumulation went a long way in improving the conditions on the hill. With the cold morning temps, the pack was slow to warm, keeping the quality good for the morning session.

Jake laid down these turns with no one around and great substrate smoothness.

Tomorrow, look for morning Sun once again as another storm cycle is on the door step. We should get a fair day before the clouds move in later in the day. Look for the smooth prepared lines for the best ride. Watch your aspects for the opening to get the best ride. Mineral Basin should be offering the best quality to start the day. Dial it up, Dial it IN!!