4-27-22 by dave

It was much warmer on the hill this morning, but the pack still had frozen up and was going to take a while to break. Mineral Basin was offering some nicely prepared lines down White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper for starters and fast laps there were fun and direct. The off trail was quite difficult after it had frozen up and waiting until the break was key. On the front of the hill, Upper Primrose Path had been given a fresh till and was dry chalky and loaded with fun that just kept coming at you. The Sun had burned through the high cloud deck that was hanging around, so the visibility improved as the morning progressed.

Junior and Steve Bounous were at the top of the Peruvian Chair and it was great seeing Junior on the hill. Today was day 97 for him. Well on the way to 100 Days.

Tomorrow, look for a weather complicated day, with clouds, wind, some precipitation. The Groomers will be providing the smoothest ride and the off trail should be avoided till some kind of warming occurs. The coverage remains excellent, and there are plenty of options on all sides of the hill. Keep it tight!!!

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