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With 24″ in the last 24 hours, the last day of the year delivered a major dump to usher us into the new year. The Faithful were fully on hand to ring in the New Year and take advantage of the deep installment that was delivered. These are the type of events we dream of being a part and today did not disappoint.

My friend Kevin sent this amazing shot of the accumulation that has transpired over the last week. This is no exaggeration.

The hill is really getting covered and much of the areas that have slid in recent days are getting refilled. I am going to break out my new Dynastars this week as I feel it is good to go with new skis. Tomorrow, look for some lake effect to be part of the mix, cold temps as the Northerly flow continues, and a fair turn out for the day. I’ll be keeping my eye out for new openings as they may occur. Happy New Year!!!



Driving wind continued this morning as another front moves in which will bring considerable accumulation tonight and into tomorrow. The Tram was down due to wind and The Faithful made their way to the chairs to get some of the fresh medium density product that had fallen overnight. The snow is really piling up with all these installments that have been pumping through.

Chris Thiel getting some of the righteous Utah Light back in the ’70s. This is a great throw back to the early days.

Tomorrow, look for a delayed opening of the Canyon as Interlodge is going into effect tonight. This impulse looks very potent and is carrying a lot of moisture. The wind is cranking down here at The Trailer and that is always a good sign of things to come. Be sure to check the road reports for updates on the Canyon access in the AM. I’ll be taking the day off to let the dust settle a bit. IBBY!!!



It was cold and windy today, with the snow driving on the peak. Peruvian Gulch had a short delay so I waited with the others who had their heart set on the goods waiting there.

Team Clemanator were warm and cozy in The Summit waiting the opening of Peruvian Gulch.

Visibility was marginal, but the cover was soft and silky on the prepared lines. There was plenty of untracked sections if you looked around that offered full platform engagement in each turn.

Mr. T experiencing full platform engagement on the Eddie Mo.

The Peruvian Gulch opened and with it the Baldy Traverse which offered smooth deluxe lines that were a real treat. The Snow Guns were blazing top to bottom, with long lines of Gun Powder that felt amazing underfoot. Anderson’s Hill had been given the industrial smoothing treatment, which was also a nice addition. I used all of the pitch to dial in some dry chalky turns. While the crowd showed up in force, the lines remained very short. Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation, great grooming efforts and more of that Gun Powder to dial in. There is plenty of great snow to find so keep your eyes open. Straight Ahead!!



A wild snow squall slammed The Front last night, delivering a very quick and potent installment of Essence. Up on the hill, it layed down a sumptuous treat to greet The Faithful who were on deck and ready to frolic. The wind was still working the pack and smoothing the lines, which were floaty and creamy. The temps were cold and it paid to have dressed for the storm like conditions of the day.

The Bruce Tree holding the Spirit of The Boss and the music of the wind.

The snow keeps coming, and the pack keeps getting filled in on a daily basis, so conditions continue to get better and better. These are the days when the snow stays great all day and even better tomorrow. Got to love that. I expect cold temps to still be keeping the snow refrigerated and fluffy, so dress for the occasion. Watch for new openings as mitigation efforts are completed. I expect The Faithful to, once again, be in full attendance. Livin’ Large In Full Effect!!!



Today offered some deluxe carvable graupel that was floaty and sweet for The Faithful who showed up for today’s festivities. The wind was still a big factor, but the surface smoothing was exquisite and made for some amazing lines on the hill. Presently, a Winter Storm Warning was sent on the EBS of a white out storm blast that is moving across the Valley right now. The wind has been pumping all day in advance of this front and it is here now and packing a punch. I am safe and warm here in The Trailer and will ride it out just fine. I would not want to be out on the road just now.

Getting in just under the gun tonight. This impulse looks serious.

Tomorrow, look for another day of the siege, with lots of new snow, weather delay issues and a push for the goods. These are the days we have been waiting for and the hill is delivering some great coverage, wind smoothed lines and some days dreams are made of. Take your time as patience is needed for times like these. It’s gonna be BIG!!!



We are in the snow zone now as the impulses just keep coming adding none too much at anyone time. The high and medium density is filling in a lot of the variations and, along with the wind, working some magic on the hill.

You can kind of see the layers as they are stacking up in the pack as these impulses keep pinging!!

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight and expect much colder temps as the cold front moves through. The wind is still pumping and at times it looks like the world is moving sideways. Check the road report in the AM for restrictions. It is getting to look more like Winter. Stay Frosty!!



The weather is still cookin’ with continued wind and much more moisture lined up to the West. Seems most of the storm energy recently has gone South and North, but still managed to deliver enough to build the pack. I think the heavy accumulation is still up stream and I am holding out for that eventuality. Looks like most of the coming week has promise.

Seasons Greatings from the hill, where the Spirit is always present.

Tomorrow, look for some more accumulation to have been delivered overnight. I expect a storm day on the hill so dress for that eventuality. I will be dressing in all my layers to stay warm. The Faithful will still be in full attendance with the Holiday still in full swing. See you there for what ever the next installment delivers. IBBY!!



A 9″ installment of high density product was on tap for a huge turnout of The Faithful. Delays due to mitigation efforts were part of the mix and folks seemed to be making the best of it. When the festivities began, the product was feeling like thick frosting, which is a good thing to have to begin to build that base and give the pack some cushion.

Welcome to The Bird no matter where your from. Enjoy the ride.

Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation, which will add to the pack and add more cushion to cover the underlying substrate. Be patient with the mountain crews making the hill safe and well prepared for your day. Happy Holidays!!!



The wind was roaring and The Trailer was rocking this morning as I got up to start the day. Looking at the Bird page I decided to bag the day as the wind was nuking up there as well. Heavy clouds hung low on the peaks and visibility was marginal at best. Not much has changed since yesterday, but the snow should being tonight and start the cycle that is stacked up up stream.

It is all shadows on the wall.

Tomorrow, look for some delays as the Mountain Crews get things under control. The Groomers will offer the smoothest ride until a fair amount of accumulation fills in the substrate. The hill is in great shape to begin this Holiday cycle as most areas have been worked over and packed in. New Essence will be a real treat. It is going to become all time. Remain Standing!!



Today was a transition day, with fairly warm temps at the peak, low wind, and high cloud deck that made for some serious flat light. The Groomers were prepared nicely, with some Gun Powder to add traction and a silky feel. The off trail had consolidated and was feeling very lumpy and, with the flat light, it was difficult to see the variations.

The Girls holding the pole position to start the day. It is so fun sharing the time before the door opening. The stoke is palpable.

The flat light did not improve as the day wore on, but I took the time to scope out the lines that were holding the smooth so I know where they live when we get the fresh accumulation. There is a long string of installments predicted for this week and things will be very dynamic going forward. The hill is in great shape to have a lot of snow added and this next siege will put us in a very good place. Stay Frosty!!