12-22-21 by dave

Today was a transition day, with fairly warm temps at the peak, low wind, and high cloud deck that made for some serious flat light. The Groomers were prepared nicely, with some Gun Powder to add traction and a silky feel. The off trail had consolidated and was feeling very lumpy and, with the flat light, it was difficult to see the variations.

The Girls holding the pole position to start the day. It is so fun sharing the time before the door opening. The stoke is palpable.

The flat light did not improve as the day wore on, but I took the time to scope out the lines that were holding the smooth so I know where they live when we get the fresh accumulation. There is a long string of installments predicted for this week and things will be very dynamic going forward. The hill is in great shape to have a lot of snow added and this next siege will put us in a very good place. Stay Frosty!!

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