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And just like that the time warp rolled around like greased lightning to land at the beginning of yet another ski season. Time just seems to roll faster and faster when I don’t pay any attention to it, but, there it is. The Bird opens tomorrow morning, dark and early and I it is going to be really fun seeing all the friends and sharing the stoke. The Bird FB page is touting The Tram, Little Cloud, and Zoom lifts opening for the day’s festivities. That will help with the traffic and allows options to start out the day. I saw some short vids of the upper mountain, and it seemed as if there was fairly good cover. The snow making crews have been busy when temps allow and I am anticipating good coverage on the open lines. I will be staying close the fattest lines and will not be venturing even close to the edges just to keep it real for my first day.

The horses are glad to have me back from The High Desert and are anxious to hear how the day goes.

Looks like the weather will be great for the opener, and there are lots of festivities planned, with music, SWAG, and good vibes. See you there for the opening day. Keep it real!!



I have brought The Trailer back down from the High Desert and it is now securely parked and stabilized against the weather next to the coral, where the horses are glad to have some company again going into the Winter. The hill is on track to open on December 1, with festivities, SWAG, and music to bring in the new season. I was up there the other day to stock the locker and got a couple shots of the hill.

The upper mountain is looking good with all that early snow.

The Faithful have been working ALTA fully since the first of the snow fall and I have been hearing good reports.

Upper Gad Valley is still holding the pack, but still needs a lot to fatten things up.

The snow making crew is working hard to get access to the lift in Gad Valley and I think there will be plenty of cover on a man made base to get to the bottom.

The Morning Crew sending Mona off to life on Maui

While I was up there the other day, I joined the Morning Crew for breakfast at the Forklift to bring in the new season and compare notes about the Summer’s fun. We’ll all be back again for yet another year of skiing frenzy!!

My friend Andrew getting the goods at Mt Hutt in NewZealand while we were sweltering in the Summer heat.

By way of igniting the stoke, I offer this shot of Andrew getting jiggy with it in the Southern Hemisphere. He is a great skier and will be coming back to The Bird as soon as he is able. I’ll see you dark and early for the season opener. Stay Frosty!!