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Greetings from the High Desert, were the heat is really kickin’ it up and keeping me close to the stream for relief. The world is still turning and the time slide into Winter is picking up speed. I made a visit back to the front to reconnect with the Mountain and many of the folks I have been missing. I took a trip up to The Bird and rode the Tram to the Peak to get a full dose of the Teluric Energy blasting out of the Summit.

Still some lingering snow from last season hiding in the North aspects.
It was a clear day with a great view of the Great Salt Lake and the West Desert so far in the distance.

I stopped by and visited with The Chef and checked out his garden, which is going gang busters and already producing the good stuff.

The Chef’s garden in full effect. Nothing like fresh vegies from the Earth.

Wynonna sent this amazing shot from her trip down the Canyon after a hike to Hidden Peak. The sky was filled with smoke from the current fires to the West.

The Sun defracting in the high altitude smoke layer, with the Blue sky peaking out above.

Folks have been keeping in touch with me, reflecting back to the good times we shared last season. I met John and Christine Horrocks from New Zealand last season and we spent a while rockin’ around the hill. Here are two shots they sent from the other side of the world where they are getting the goods. I sure enjoyed my time with them and sharing the stoke and the turns.

Christine digging in and getting all of that dry chalky snow!
This shot reminds me of the Winter inversion. Check out those sweet lines in the distance. Christine ready to dial in a smooth line.

The wild days of weather and other assorted anomalies sure get your attention. Jake sent me this amazing shot from Maine, where the sky was doing some tricks just to keep things interesting.

Jakes’ boat moored and happy as the sky dances with color.

I will be beginning my Winter Visualizations for the season, which will include deep powder face shots, a healthy atmosphere and the return of all the great friends and times that await. Stay cool in the heat. And as Joe Man The Snow Man says, “Don’t skimp on the Groove Sauce”!!!