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Greetings from the High Desert, where I am continuing my sequestering in the natural surroundings. I have been pondering the times we are in and reflecting on the flow of time, where in certain cases, time seems to move rapidly like a creek in steep high water situation, then, at other times, seems to move slowly in lower tranquil areas of the flow.

Frozen Essence caught in a moment of NOW

I have been contemplating the Moment of Now more and more as, here, the the flow of Time seems to move more slowly. I find it similar to the mountain experience where we move with the flow of time in a linear sense, but when we move into the Vertical axis of the fall line, Time seems to move much faster or can seem to stop with attention focused in the critical movement.

Brian Beck slotted in the fall line, with visibility Zero

Sometimes, the visibility in the fall line is highly obscured and one has to use inner vision and stillness to negotiate the uncertainty of the NOW. These days are much like this situation. Stopping Time and staying firmly in the flow at the same time, however, knowing that a reemergence to full visibility is just a moment away.

Cosmic Signs in the sky

This image, which my friend Jake sent me, indicate a very positive vision as we move on the vertical axis, where time seems to move so slowly it almost stops. Certainty in the line is imperative, and I will be holding this visualization going forward. I will be making my way back to the Front to visit the Mountain and will post with some images of the hill. Stay Frosty!!