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Greetings from the High Desert, where I have been sequestered during these unusual days. During the days of solitude, I have been sending my memory back to those days where I took some extra time to just BE on the peak and look out around the compass to take in the summit perspective.

The daily life going on in the Valley is a hustle and bustle, that, from this vantage point, cannot readily be seen. There all our everyday lives are, home.

From The Summit, reflecting on the paths that can be taken on descent, and the awareness that we bring with us as we return to the lower elevations is a treasure that we only really realize when we hold those perspectives in mind. This past season, there were so many vistas that spoke to me, which seemed to relate some sense that there was something to which I should pay attention, so I did on many occasions, and soaked in the NOW.

A portal looking into the 5D reality that is dawning on the world in these days.

As I have been walking and Being, I have noticed that the resolution of the surroundings are in ultra high relief, with a clarity that I have perceived everywhere I look. As we move into the coming days, I will continue to be looking for the signs of a new presence of mind and vision. When we get back to The Mountain, I think we all will see it with a much clearer, and present perception. I look forward to the coming back to partake of the Summer visits. See the Line, BE the Line!!