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The Bird is opening on Friday after a storm that brought 11″ of new product to cover the dance floor. Another very intense storm is moving on shore as I write this and it is expected to bring a lot of Essence to make the opener one for the books. With all the new snow, and the short time window to work the hill, you can expect limited access to the hill. I have heard no reports on possible Tram operations, but you can expect a big turn out, with the lower Gad Valley to be in play. This storm should last through Saturday, so there will be good conditions on the machine worked runs, but the off trail may still be interesting. Expect some intense pressure for the opening morning, so be cautious and considerate. Here is a shot I got the other day, enjoying the last of the warm weather before the Powder starts to dump.

The Trailer all set up and ready for the Season. Let the games begin.

I will be walking through the Galactic Portal to visit the Home Planet for the holiday opener, so I leave it to all of you to smooth out, and pack out the hill. I will be back on the hill Sunday and will have a first hand account of the conditions. In the mean time enjoy the opening festivities and be safe. Stay Frosty!!



After a very persistent High Pressure system that has been parked over the West, there is a definite change in the pattern, with a series of Lows lining up. With the days till opening ticking off quickly, this may be just the situation to make the opening go ahead as planned. That early snow is still up on the hill, and folks have been working Alta for quite a while and they have been having fun. I have been enjoying the warm days and have got The Trailer all set up again next to the corral and Snoopy and Prickly Pete are happy to have company.

A brand new Winch Cat waiting to be deployed for the coming season. These industrial smoothing machines work wonders on the hill.

The days are clicking by quickly, and I am going to hang on to every one and squeeze as much as I can out of each day. We will be back in the Fun Zone in no time. Wildman Would GO!!