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A fresh installment of Essence was delivered overnight, with 7 or 8″ of high density, cold product covering the dance floor. With such high density, the substrate was cushioned , but was still in play. I got the drop of the Peruvian Gulch, which was smooth and delightful top to bottom. Here is shot of Ricky Rev getting the goods out on The Gad Chutes.

Ricky Rev blasting the fresh lines in the Gad Chutes.

Traffic was brisk for the occasion, but the crowd thinned out when Mineral Basin opened and it was walk on Trams for the duration. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck getting the smooth lines when the Sun came out.

Brian Beck back from injured reserve making up for lost time.

The temps. were quite cold, which kept the quality going well into the afternoon. Even the lower elevations held up well after noon. Here is a shot of the Valley when the clouds began to back off.

This view never gets old. City of tiny lights.

Tomorrow, look for a cold morning, with areas still waiting in the wings. There should still be some good quality out there as the temps stayed cold all day. Dress for cold, but expect to stay ahead of the Sun as it is very high in the sky.

Some fresh Essence beginning to feel the heat.

In closing, here is a shot of some surface hoar that was looking feathery and wild when the Sun came out. I love B&W filters. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!