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The weather was perfect this weekend for another Oktoberfest celebration at the Bird. I went up on both days to soak up as much of the festive feel as I could.  Up on the peak The Summit facility was really going off with music, fun and delightful temps. at 11,000′.  Here is the Pizza Makers getting ready to fire up the first pie of the day as well as some struddle that was waiting to go in the oven.  The new T Shirt store is a great feature, with the official Snowbird Ski Patrol shirts available.  They have all new styles for this season so check it out.  DSC03957Here is Nan, who has the best office view of anyone anywhere.  DSC03958Out on the deck, there was music and a full beer facility all set up.  There are very comfortable chairs on which to lounge at high altitude, looking down on the Valley far below.   DSC03959Great people make places great and having so many amazing folks there to make the experience special is a real treat.  Down on the Plaza I got this shot of Brittany and Gabriella inviting DSC03961guests to enjoy lunch at the Forklift Restaurant, that has very nice patio dining.  I particularly like the Chicken Pesto Sandwich,  which I try to make, but never get it to taste as good as they serve at the Forklift.   While it is still Summer, and the temps. in the Valley are still in the 90’s, I can’t help but think of the beach and the waves that break.  Here is a shot of one of the cool throwing peaks I took last Winter.  DSC02485Here is another bomb that is breaking fast and hard, but oh so glassy!!DSC02477While I was walking out for the day, I visited with my friend Kristen, who makes these organic hand made skin products with Hawaiian Lavender as well as other floral products.  I tried it out and loved the feel.  Check out her booth as you walk through the Gates it is right up front.  Be sure to get up to the peak and enjoy the new facility and festivities that are happening there. DSC03962I will be going up again next week, so say hi if you see me, and be sure to stay for the great music on Chickadee.   Stay Frosty!!



This was the first weekend of this year’s Oktoberfest festivities.  The Plaza was all set up with all the food stations and beer vendors.  Celebrity circle was full of craft tents and more Local Breweries all set up.  There was music on Chickadee and all the activities were in full swing.  I took a Tram to the peak to check out the Summer time set up of the Summit at Hidden Peak.  Here is a shot of Mark, the manager of the Summit, who was giving me the low down on all the offerings available on the peak. DSC03955I was enjoying looking at all the terrain that we blaze over during the Winter, now looking verdant and lush even after all this hot dry weather we have been having.  Here is a shot of the Lewis and Clark area that will be waiting for the first blistering runs when it gets covered.   There was a real nip in the air on the peak, which felt great after the triple digit temps. we have beenDSC03956living with recently.  The old Patrol Shack has been razed and the grade restored.  There is a nice stone wall being built along the edge that will hold the snow on the peak.  Here is a shot ofDSC03953Twins with the stone wall creating a visual boarder.  It is great to have the Summit complete and fully operational after all the time of construction.  This is the first Summer of operation up there and I know it will be a real asset for the resort.  I took this shot of Pipeline, framed by the upper portal on the West side of the Summit.  DSC03954With the arrival of Oktoberfest, we are now on the down hill side of time sliding into the Winter Season.  It will not be long until the Tram is running up the brand new track cables, bringing the Faithful to the holy grail.  It is fun to look down from the peak and imagine the lines and times that are to come in it’s due time.  The best training is the inner visualizations that will unfold when the first turn is made.  Speed Safely!!