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It was another clear cold day on the hill with bright Sun and great conditions wall to wall. Traffic was fairly light and became more so as the the crowd got spread out, making back to back Trams fun and fast. Amazing carpets of AHHHHH had been prepared on all sides of the hill, with some surprise treatments given to rarely worked lines that are steep, long and just deluxe. With the Sun out, it pulled the crowd to the bright bowls, leaving the front side carpets vacant and dialable. Off trail, the snow quality was light and fluffy, with the cold keeping that consistency on all aspects all day.

The Chef, giving a double thumbs up on the day from a day much like it some years ago. He is now staying warm in Brazil.

Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with more sweet, velvet carpets to manifest your High Edge Angles. This snow quality really lends itself to perfect consistency on the prepared lines. I expect fairly light traffic again, so get ready for some high vertical accumulation and endorphin generating runs. These are the days to treasure, with the hill to yourself and close friends. Lay it over like Ligety!!!



It was a picture perfect Kodachrome day on the hill, with bright clear sun, unlimited visibility, and blower Essence for The Faithful. All sides of the hill were offering soft light lines that were easy and smooth underfoot. The Road To Provo opened, and it too was just what you see in the magazines. It was cold, very cold, and that kept the product nicely refrigerated, so the goods stayed good all day long.

Here is a shot that Dave Matz sent of Tymp. looking majestic and mystical. Thanks Dave

Tomorrow, look for more great lines, soft snow, and, perhaps, some more openings. We’ll have to see. The Groomers will be off the charts full platform engagement dialable, so don’t miss some of that ground pounding fun and get that untracked corduroy. Sensational. It will remain cold all day, so I expect the product to keep all day as well. It is good to take advantage of this time of the season, when all the aspects remain good to go around the dial. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!



More Essence was delivered overnight and the next impulse came rolling in mid morning to add to the amazing pattern this season has been bringing. Visibility was variable and Mineral Basin was tough to navigate in the difficult storm conditions. Still, plenty of great lines were waiting for The Faithful as the surfaces and aspects keep getting deeper and more consistent with each passing day.

4 Members of The Morning Crew making hot laps on a day with much better visibility.

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to be on tap for the beginning of the week and perhaps a lull in the flow for a few days. It is snowing hard here at The Trailer as I write this and I expect delays for the morning with all the new snow that has amassed. It is going to be a great day with great snow wall to wall. Let The Good Times ROLL!!



It was a windy and cold day today, with a Canyon closure in the AM, and full court press by The Faithful to take advantage of the fresh Essence that had been delivered overnight. Traffic was fairly high, but, with the opening of Mineral Basin the push was spread out. There were great lines to be found on all sides of the hill, however, the rumble and static is still resident in the high traffic lines.

Here is a great shot from The Landing that Jake sent me from his lap out on Lewis and Clark the other day. Misty mountain fog.

Tomorrow, look for more weather to be in the mix as the next Low Pressure dives down into The Front. This may well deliver another significant installment, pushing the pack deeper still. The hill is in find shape to handle the additional accumulation and keep the dream alive. IBBY!!!



Flurries and cold greeted The Faithful this morning with variable visibility as the impulses continue to flow out of the Northwest. The Groomers were offering deluxe carpets that let you trust the surfaces even though it was hard to see the details. Where the wind had blown yesterday, pine pods from the trees littered the surfaces, making the definition a bit better. There were still pockets of freshness to be found with some looking and there was no pressure to get there first.

Buck Buchanon finding freshness out on Baldy with no one else around.
The Jazz Man getting the goods in the Exotic Trees. He is on a mission!!

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight, with cold temps continuing with the flow. The hill is in great shape and it is only going to get better as the pattern is active for a number of days ahead. So great to see an epic year still coming at us.

The Chef is now in Brazil escaping the cold.

The Chef, in his search for new and exotic culinary delights, is always looking for new directions on his path. We miss him on the hill, but he is here in spirit. Safe travels Chef!! Stay Frosty!!!



It was breezy and cold this morning with some clouds moving around, in and out all day. Traffic was light, and the Groomers were offering dynamic carving opportunities. If you got after in, you could dial in untracked nap that was dry chalky and smooth. The wind was transporting the product and adding an extra element of AHHHH to the surfaces.

Mark Herath finding a still deep and blastable line, and making the most of the Sunshine.
Mark Herath working a line of Essence in The Exotic Trees.

Tomorrow, look for more great prepared lines on all sides of the hill. There is some weather moving in, so expect clouds, wind, and continued cold out of the Northwest. Visibility will be an issue, so use those trees for reference. See you there dark and early for the festivities. Visualize Face Shots!!!



There was an inch of light density product on The Trailer this morning and between 7 and 9″ on the hill, to make this a surprise addition to start out the day. Fairly light traffic was on hand to sample the new installment, which felt light and creamy, however, the bottom crust was evident with every turn. A long deliberate turn was required to deal with the variations and, as the visibility was marginal, a close line on the known prepared lines helped keep things consistent.

Kevin Canton getting sweet freshies out in White Pine this morning. There are still lines if you know where to find it.

I took some time and went looking around today, just hither and yon, where I scoped out The Exotic Trees, where I was late to the party. I had thought it was much less traveled, but…….NO!!

Doc getting in on that tour to the deep places and finding it.

Tomorrow, look for more machine worked lines to have been prepared, which will offer very carvey lines as this new product gets integrated into the mat. Mineral Basin is offering nice lines, with much smoother substrate due to the lighter traffic. More fresh Essence may fall overnight as the flow is still coming out of the North West.

The Morning Crew as well as The Speed Queens gathered to salute The Chairman of The Board this morning.

Visibility may still be variable tomorrow, we will just have to wait and see. The hill is in great shape wall to wall. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



Another cold morning with variable visibility and fairly light traffic. Amazing carpets of AAHHHH had been prepared on all sides of the hill, which offered awesome untracked corduroy for the early risers. The feel was dry cold and chalky, making it perfect for seeking your inner Ligety!

Yoshi, returning to The Bird for yet another season of ultra deep. So glad to have him back with us.

There were some glimmers of Sun out in Mineral Basin from time to time, but I stuck with the front side smooth attack.

Hanging out in The Summit is such a treat and there are such great folks to meet.

Tomorrow, look for some light accumulation overnight, which will offer super soft offerings for starters in the AM. Off trail remains interesting and challenging. I will be sticking with the smooth carpets to keep the pace in gear. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



It was a cold clear morning with no wind even though the forecast called for East wind. It was cold, but not as cold as I thought it was going to be. Mineral Basin was offering great grooming efforts, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper getting the soft touch. With light attendance, hot laps were going off back there with Lewis and Clark in the mix to dial up ground pounding fun. On the front of the hill, a reworked Living The Dream and Who Dunnit were smooth and easy to explore your inner Ligety!!

The East Twin and 13 Turns looking very frosty and well covered.

Static, rumble, and high amplitude interference patters have been well established with all the recent traffic, however there is plenty of dry chalky pack to keep your line moving down the hill. There might be some increasing clouds as the day progresses, we’ll just have to wait and see. Look for continued smooth lines on the prepared sections, which will be resident on all sides of the hill. I think light traffic will continue. IBBY!!!!



There was a light dusting on the dance floor this morning, with variable visibility for today’s offerings. The groomers were offering excellent carving lines on all sides of the hill. Staying close to the trees was a big help with reference and range perception. The off trail is becoming increasingly stiff, with the rumble and static wide spread, and interference patterns building in the high traffic areas.

My friend Cam sent me this shot from is departure out of SLC yesterday. It is fun to see The Front from this vantage point.

Tomorrow, look for cold temps, some high winds out of the East, and lots of great prepared lines to work on all sides of the hill. I will be looking for some wind transported lines to be filling some of the West facing aspects and the low lying sections that catch moving dust. Speed Safely!!