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Jake sent this great shot of the setting Sun from Hidden Peak..

Well, the Sun sets on another year as we make the transition to 2023. We have been gifted with copious product as this first part of the season ends and the heavy flow continues as we head into this new year. The hill is fully covered and continues to receive fresh Essence for tomorrow’s festivities. The Canyon will close overnight with interlodge going into effect till the morning. Expect the usual delays for the morning start, with the Valley rain turning to snow as the morning gets started just to make things just a bit more spicy. Wishing everyone a happy New Year, with lots of great days ahead going forward. Remain Standing!!!



The Faithful were in full attendance as we continue the holiday season and enjoy the continued flow that will continue for the next couple of days. Visibility was at a premium, but the consistency, and coverage is excellent, making the guess work a bit easier. Still, staying with the trees for reference helps keep you oriented to the lines and pitch variations.

Professor Tom still finding the goods out on Baldy and dialing in the Vortex.

Tomorrow, look for more major accumulation as the pattern is continuing without let up. There will be a road closure, so check the links for updates on Canyon access. This stream is packing a lot of moisture, so expect storm riding conditions, with marginal visibility and access. What a way to bring in the New Year. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!



The Faithful made an impressive showing and a full court press for the goods today, and who could blame them after all that Essence was gifted by the Snow Gods. Mineral Basin got the opening nod, with amazing lines of deep freshness waiting for the delighted crowd. Even more accumulation had been added to the pack overnight, refreshing the lines that had been worked yesterday. With the improved visibility the Powder Crew was out and getting some amazing lines.

Peter Huges exiting a major Powder Blast and lined up for yet another dose!
Dr. Tom dialed in and driving the fall line with unmitigated audacity out on Baldy!
Doc was making it look easy out on the Armpit Gate with the Sun shining on the Vortex.
Mikey M doing what he does best….. raisin’ a ruckus!!!

All these shots tell the tale and everyone who showed up today can attest to the reality of a Utah Light Experience. Tomorrow, look for more lines still waiting in the wings, with more snow moving in as the flow continues to target The Front. It’s deep all right, and about to get deeper. Yabaganza!!!!



After all the wind preparation to the surface, mother nature delivered a serious installment for the holiday season, just to make it all extra merry. It was just as good as it gets with blower snow, good to go shots all over the hill, and more on the way. Early on, back in Sept. I called for just such an eventuality, and it is another example of getting what you wish for….. and then some.

Mark Harath digging into Fields Of Glory out on Baldy where the goods were legendary!!
Mikey M finding the deep and going for the full effect.

Today was the day for full immersion on all levels, where all the sensations are spiking all the meters. I’ll let those two shots do the talking and you get the picture. Tomorrow, look for more of the same legendary conditions that come right out of a magazine, movie, or personal dream. They do come true, and being able to check the moment run after run just pegs the fun meter. See you there for more of the on going session as the weather is lined up for quite a while. ZOUNDS!!!!



The Trailer was really rockin’ in the wee hours of the morning, signaling the arrival of a full on storm cycle which will be bringing a heapin’ helpin’ of Essence . Be prepared for this to be unfolding for the next few days with plenty of moisture upstream, taking dead aim on The Front. The winds were fierce on the hill, which was working the surfaces to prepare them for this next installment.

Geometries within geometries, layers within layers. A key to the riddle of the Universe.

Tomorrow, look for a full on storm situation, with a Canyon closing, a delayed start, and a big push for the goods. This storm will be in full effect for the entire day and the hill will be filling in all the aspects as fast as they can be tracked. Perhaps a real free refill kind of day. I expect continued wind to be big factor, so be sure to dress for the occasion and work the sections that can fill in fast with the wind and precipitation. These storm days are often the best powder days of a cycle and the conditions keep getting better and better all day long. Have patience in the AM, and the day will unfold as it will. Expect wonderful!!!



The hill was covered wall to wall with a light frosting that was velvety, luxurious and delightful underfoot. The Groomers were over the top buffed, and with the extra frosting were just impeccable. Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were as smooth as it gets and, once again, of legendary consistency. I had to pound out two of those first thing before checking out Mineral Basin. The visibility was challenging, but the velvet there too was just a delight.

Twin Peaks covered in that frosting wall to wall in the quasi light of the morning.

Traffic was light and back to back Trams were fun and fast with enough room on the runs to let your mind wander. Some of the off trail sections looked smooth and, indeed, some were, but other areas were holding some texture to keep you guessing.

Team Golden Dragon hitting the peak and getting an eyeful of the possibilities.

Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to once again be offering amazing carpets of AHHHH that let you feel that inner Ligety. Off trail remains very nice, but there is still the texture factor. Hopefully we’ll have a bit more detail in the visibility department to make it show up. The hill is in remarkable shape, so look around for smooth sections that got bypassed today in the vague light. IBBY!!!



Just a quick post to mark the holiday that just comes and goes all to fast. A shout out around the world to all who read these posts and find them informative and entertaining. I’ll post a substantive post for tomorrow, but I just took a quick break in the program already in progress.

Jake sent this great shot of the Snowbird festivities. A full on light show.

See you first thing in the AM. ENJOY!!!



It was overcast and foggy to start the day with a moderate attendance for the start of the holiday season. The wind has worked the pack pretty well and had smoothed the surfaces where there had been rumble and static previously. The Groomers were offering delightful carpets of AHHHH and it felt good to dial in a full feeling turn. The Sun finally did make an appearance late in the day, which illuminated the slope in full effect.

Ricky Rev sent this great shot from a point on a Lewis and Clark lap with Mineral Looking fat and ready for tomorrow’s festivities.

Tomorrow, look for great conditions wall to wall, with amazing groomed lines as well as the wind buffed lines that will be easy to spot in the improved visibility. The hill is in such great shape you can’t help but have a great day and get it all. Happy Holidays!!



More product was added to the hill overnight, which seemed a bit denser and felt soft underfoot. Visibility was at a premium and using your Spidy Sense was a big help as well as staying close to the trees. The Groomers were offering the most consistent ride and those wind deposited lines were excellent as well if you could suss them out in the white out.

Peter Hughs experiencing full platform engagement out on Baldy today in today’s wind swept offerings.

Traffic was moderate with only a one Tram wait all day, and the Chairs were walk on fast. With the higher density, the harbor chop and static began to build pretty quickly, making the ride a tad bouncy. Tomorrow, look for continued high cloudiness as a storm tracks North of The Front, and the hill should have better visibility, but the details may remain hard to discern. The Groomers will be offering dialable quality that will let you seek your inner Ligety!! Traffic should remain moderate. Straight Ahead!!!



The winds were nuking today with some gusts well over 100MPH, making the access to the upper hill closed off. With a foot of fresh reported, it is hard to know where it all ended up, but one thing is certain, it ended up somewhere, so we’ll just have to check it all out and see what is what when we gain access to the upper reaches. There were some nice wind buffed lines I saw, and there was plenty of soft snow, but a close feel for the variable nature of the wind slab needed to be kept front and center.

The reach of The Bird stretches around the world and the vibrations of goodness are rewarded.

The winds began to relax later in the day, so I will be looking for where everything ended up as I survey the hill on my first Tram. The guts and low angle aspects will be prime spots for the goods to have landed, but I will be taking a cautious approach to the lines watching for some punchiness. More flurries are in the forecast, and cold temps will continue to be with us. Dress for the weather and enjoy the adventure. Keep it tight!!