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Visibility was tough this morning as the impulse was approaching. The areas that were held off yesterday opened with fresh lines that offered dense, cold, dry, untracked. The Road To Provo had some wind deposited lines that were nicely filled and you had to keep the sections in mind as some of the aspects were a bit touchy. The Hillary Step opened and I got a great line that I had not visited all year.

This was the scene today, if you could have seen it, of the Sunday Cliffs. The storm was moving in and visibility was marginal out there.

It was such a treat to get the goods with no pressure. The Groomers were stellar on all sides of the hill, and with the difficult visibility, the consistent carpets were a blessing while keeping the momentum going. Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, amazing Groomers that will be billiard table smooth, and great visibility to scope out the leftover lines. This cycle has improved the coverage markedly and the hill is feeling much more consistent with the old layer almost undetectable. I’ll be looking for some of the outlying lines that I had an eye on today, but could not see well enough to get to. See you in the AM for the sweet carpets of AHHHHH!!! Straight Ahead!!!



After all the storm activity yesterday and overnight, the hill was covered in a coating of soft and silky accumulation that was very dense, cold, dry, and smooth. The new product cushioned the ride all over the hill and The Faithful were on hand to get the goods. Control efforts were in effect and each section of the hill opened in turn. The Peruvian Gulch was amazing when it opened with some of the best lines having smoothed out with the wind, filling in the low areas and adding to the depth.

The view from the peak as the clouds moved off leaving a white expanse in full reveal.

The Sun really started to affect the pack down low as it got higher in the sky, but there were plenty of great lines to find all day. Tomorrow, look for gathering clouds as a fast moving impulse moves in to The Front. I’ll be looking for the Groomers to offer some insane carpets of AHHHH in the AM. The off trail will still be good, but attention to aspect from the Sun’s effects will be key. The high moisture content of the new product had helped add coverage to the pack, which has made many entrances much more accessible. There are still some areas waiting in the winds, so keep a sharp eye out. Stay Frosty!!



Two to three inches of frosting covered the dance floor this morning to greet the few intrepid Faithful who showed up for the opening bell. Though it seemed warm, the wind was nuking on the peak out of the North and the clouds hung low and thick on the mountain, making visibility very difficult. The untracked frosting was very dense and offered full platform engagement with every turn. I was dialing in some very deep turns to extract as much juice as possible. Staying close to the trees was key, as the fog made all the wide open areas just guess work.

A cryptic shot of the frosting accumulated on the Plaza stage, to give an idea of the interesting dense quality.

After the new installment was tracked out, the consistency became much more variable and tricky with the very dense product. I retreated to the Forklift to assess the options. Tomorrow, look for a bit more accumulation that had fallen after closing. The forecast is for a bit of clearing, so visibility will improve. I will be staying close to the prepared lines for the best consistency. I think the off trail lines will be interesting and will require some special English on the turn. I expect it to be colder as well and will be dressing up, which I neglected to do this morning. DOH!! IBBY!!!



The winds of change were blowing all night long and rockin’ The Trailer, signaling a change in the weather. The sky was overcast and the light was fairly flat, with some windows of light popping out now and again. The break in the pack took a lot longer today than yesterday without the Sun’s help. There is a low pressure passing to the South that will be pumping moisture up into the Front tonight and going into tomorrow.

Mikey M supplied all the fixins and specialty pans to sponsor a special tasting party of Barones Pizza. The flavors and company were stellar.

Tomorrow, look for an unsettled day, with some accumulation on the hill. I expect snow to be happening up on the hill despite the warm temps we have been having. Temps are still warm here at The Trailer, but I think we will see snow above 7000′ tonight and again tomorrow. Look for the smooth lines for the most consistent ride, as the off trail will be difficult with frozen static and rumble to negotiate. The pack is still holding up nicely and all sides of the hill are wide open. See you there for the early runs. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘Em!!!



It was warm this morning, but there had been a hard freeze and the pack was very firm. Mineral Basin was offering the best lines for the early risers, with some nicely prepared lines on White Diamonds and Lower Silverdipper that had enough tooth to keep things real. On the front of the hill, the lines were extra primo firm and needed a lot more time to thaw. I took refuge in the Forklift to let softening occur, which didn’t begin to happen until Noon.

Looking down Canyon from the peak this morning. There is a lot of real estate out there.

When the pack started to break, there were numerous lines that began to happen all at once, but with the light traffic, it was easy to do laps and begin mining the defrosting lines.

Team Traction at the foot of Upper Primrose Path sharing intel on the breaking lines. When the pack softens it is Go Time!!

Tomorrow, look for some unsettled weather as the impulse moves in with snow later in the day. The pack may have some trouble breaking and visibility may well be difficult. I’ll be looking for the prepared lines to get the best traction and I’ll be staying close to the trees for reference. We’ll see how it pans out, but I am visualizing face shots. How ’bout you?!! Straight Ahead!!!



It was a super warm day right from the get go, and really warm down here at The Trailer where it got up around 75Deg. Up on the hill, the machine worked lines were the place to look for the smooth feel. The Sun was cookin’ and sunscreen was needed to protect from the intense rays. There were signs of spring everywhere, but the weather is poised to change.

The return to the Big Cycle has commenced as it will. It must begin for it to return again next season.

Though the pack is beginning to take a hit, I am confident that plenty more is yet waiting to arrive. I am using my best visualization techniques to bring this about. Let’s all get together and Image-in a real LCC Event!! Tomorrow, look for some increasing clouds as the next weather system begins to approach. I think we will still have another day of Spring feel, but there is a turn coming. IBBY!!!



It was a warm morning, so I skied with the top down and it was a pleasure to dispense with the hat for the first time of the season. The pack had frozen up solid overnight and it was going to take a bit for it to begin to break. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were beautifully prepared, offering smooth corduroy that let you dial in what ever approach to the fall line you cared to take. Lewis and Clark was also fast and fun with some very nice tenderizing to make the turning a bit more dialable. The front of the hill was going to take a fair while to break, and tenderizing efforts had been performed there as well.

Dino taking a peak at the weather and Sun after a Winter’s slumber.

The hill began to break around 11:30 AM on the front of the hill with Regulator waiting until after Noon to break. Mark Malu was offering some still dry chalk up high, but it morphed lower down as the Sun exposed aspects came into play. Tomorrow, look for another warm day, but I think that freeze will still be happening with the residual cold still in the snow. I think the break will happen faster. Be cautious of the South facing aspects in the AM. I saw some folks plying a due South face on upper Mineral Basin and it looked really difficult for them. A word to the wise. I’ll be taking the day off, so dial up some fun rippers for me. Stay Frosty!!



It was much warmer this morning, so I went with sunglasses instead of goggles to greet the day. A stout wind was still blowing, but the sharp nip in the air was gone and it was going to warm up fast. Mineral Basin was offering great lines that had been freshly tilled and White Diamonds was drop dead awesome. On the South faces, tenderizing efforts had been performed, making those lines much less crispy than anticipated. The front of the hill was offering nice lines as well with some dry chalk still in the mat. Tenderizing efforts had been performed there too, which was a welcome relief on the lower mountain.

The large expanse of Mark Malu was offering rip tearing smooth lines that still had the dry chalky feel.

After 11AM. the day really warmed up and the pack began to soften quickly. After 1 PM. the lower mountain began to feel very tacky, with some sticky spots that made you pay close attention. Tomorrow, look for more warm temps. I am hoping to drive around with the top down. Grooming efforts will be in full effect and attention to aspect will be mandatory. Traffic was light today and I expect light traffic again, however, Friday has become quite popular, so there might be just a tad more pressure. IBBY!!



The Sun was in full effect this morning, however, the early runs were quite cold with a stiff North wind blowing, keeping the day from warming up too fast. The prepared lines were perfect for slicing and dicing, where you could explore your Inner Ligety. The corduroy on all sides of the hill was excellent, though those direct South faces in Mineral were decidedly crispy, but would be softening by 11:30 AM. I went out in the far reaches looking for some dry chalk on the High North aspects and found some very nice lines that felt great underfoot and added an extra element of range on the day.

Mikey M getting the goods out in the Exotic Trees where the last remaining powder lives.
Mark Herath leaning into the full platform engagement in the Exotic Trees.

After Noon, the day started to warm up as the Sun rose high in the sky, affecting the pack on most of the aspects I was checking. Tomorrow, look for a crispy morning on the prepared lines, though the High Northern lines should still be still holding a bit of the cold. Due South facing off trail aspects should be avoided for the early part of the day. I expect continued light traffic and wide open lines to work. The coverage remains excellent and is in good shape going into this warm stretch. Straight Ahead.



A high dense cloud hung over the range this morning, with tantalizing sunshine in the distance, making the visibility variable. I slammed out a fast Peruvian Gulch hoping that Mineral Basin would illuminate in a bit, and on the next lap it lit up for a short period. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were beautifully prepared and were super fun and smooth. The front of the hill was offering very nice prepared lines that had plenty of traction for high angle turns .

Some low lying clouds yesterday making the peak look like heaven.

Traffic was light and back to back Trams were easy to make. The reworked lines had an extra level of velvet feel that kept me stoked for the dialability. Tomorrow, look for warming temps, but I expect a crisp cold morning like this morning. There is still soft snow on the High North aspects and some natural smoothing is beginning to happen. Look for those High North lines around the hill for some good diversion from the worked lines. I expect light traffic again and the visibility should improve. Coverage is very good, with only very sparse sections showing in a couple high traffic areas. Speed Safely!!