1-28-19 by dave

It was a bit overcast to start the day, but Mineral Basin was calling with freshly reworked lines on White Diamonds and Lower Silver dipper, making those lines the place to be for the opening bell. Lewis and Clark was offering amazing carpets of AHHHH, that let the morning crew work those lines with not a soul in sight. Here is a long shot of Lewis and Clark as a reference.

The wind had worked the pack on the back side of the hill, with some of the longest, steepest lines perfectly smoothed by the wind and were offering back country quality goodness top to bottom. On the front of the hill, Anderson’s and Lower Primrose Path had also been given a fresh till, and were off the chart perfect, with not a note of the old layer to be felt. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew making a strong showing for the festivities.

Some of the High North sections, while looking smooth and inviting, where quite punchable and required the very long deliberate approach to make the variations smoother. Tomorrow, look for a sunny day, with Mineral Basin still holding those smooth wind lines that were so epic today. The Groomers will be offering those sweet carpets on all sides of the hill. Look for those lower Peruvian Gulch lines to be re worked and good for a stoke pulsing extravaganza. The hill is in great shape and you will find great sliding from start to finish. Stay Frosty!!

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