1-04-21 by dave

It was a cool clear morning, with the Sun warming Mineral Basin for the early risers. There was fair pressure for the opening bell, but getting to the peak and into Mineral Basin kept you out ahead of the crowd. Overnight wind work and smoothed and filled the low areas, filling many of the lines I have been avoiding. While the big sections looked smooth, they were still sporting the underlying rumble of the crusty substrate, requiring a lot more caution than one would expect by the surface. On the prepared lines, the dry chalky feel was a treat, but there were still some surprise slick spots that kept me on my toes despite the soft general feel. Here is a shot of Doc that Mikey M sent of Route 5 shot 1, which was smooth and filled with soft wind transported snow.

A good look at the smooth wind deposited accumulation with Doc down there at the bottom of the shot, lining up the bottom turns.

The chairs were pumping the Faithful up the hill quickly, and getting vertical was fast and fun. After breakfast, the Sun had moved the temps into the comfort zone and brought much more light into the dark zones on the front of the hill. Here is a shot of my good friend Terry, who was rippin’ the smooth lines on Regulator.

Terry was enjoying the ambience of the warming temps and dialing in smokin’ turns top to bottom.

Tomorrow, look for a storm day to be on tap as a front will be moving in overnight and well into the day. Expect difficult visibility issues with the storm conditions and dress for storm riding. I will be revisiting the smooth lines that I was finding today, and avoiding those sections where the higher amplitude interference patterns live.

Wynonna, overwhelmed by the surprise locker opening on the occasion of her birthday. Priceless.

A big shout out to Wynonna, who was on deck early for her birthday celebration. She and the Morning Crew Ladies were out ahead of the crowd and could not be caught. Many try, …….and fail. Happy Birthday Wil !! Straight Ahead!!

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