3-23-19 by dave

Visibility was variable all day today, with only a couple of window of Sun to light the day. A bit of overnight accumulation covered the hill and made the Groomed lines velvet smooth and sweet. Staying with the know smooth lines was the ticket today as you know you can trust the smooth of the prepared lines on all sides of the hill. Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation , with the Groomers offering the good lines to let you get a look at things. I will be looking to Mineral Basin to start out the festivities and get out ahead of the traffic for the morning session. With the warming temps during the day, expect some very difficult off trail conditions, so do some spot checking. Just a quick turn or two off the beaten path will tell you a lot. I am still working on getting the computer up and running. Sorry for the truncated posts. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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