12-31-18 by dave

The hill was covered with a wonderful installment of Ultra Light Essence, which, I think, is the best powder of the season thus far. It was just blower perfect, however, the bottom was in play demanding full attention. The openings were quick in coming, with The Road To Provo opening just after Noon, and the Faithful waiting for the drop. Mineral Basin was wonderful, but the pressure for the goods back there made the line formidable. Here is a shot of the Sap Sisters, who helped make the wait for the peak a pleasure. How could you not love such a beautiful day. I checked out numerous aspects, finding great turns wherever I went. The base has covered most of the features, but the strainers continue to be boney. After Noon, some clouds began to move up The Canyon from the Valley and it looked so dreamy floating down in the mouth. A real heavenly sight. Tomorrow, look for a very cold day, with some wind affected aspects, as and East Wind was beginning to work the hill. It should still be soft all over the hill and the off trail aspects are feeling great and let you dial in a full charged approach. I will be breaking out the new skis very soon as the coverage is so good, why not get the full snap crackle and pop of a new ski. Traffic on the hill will still be big, but the lifts on the front of the hill were offering no lines all day. Dress for the cold and watch for frost bite. This installment was all time light and you can expect great turns all over the hill. Stay Frosty!!

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