1-25-19 by dave

There were sweet carpets of perfection this morning and an opening of Mineral Basin that made it hard to choose one version of perfection over another. Wind had worked many of the aspects out in Mineral Basin, but there were some aspects that had been sheltered from the wind and, indeed, benefited from the transport. Here is a long shot of the North facing lines that were still waiting in the wings.

The Grooming efforts on the front of the hill were extensive and included the lower two thirds of Primrose path were buffed smooth and dial-o-matic soft. Perfect is perfect where you find it. The pack began to pile a bit up with traffic, but it was still very easy to maintain a fully engaged platform every where. It has been so nice to be able to push the limits of edge angle with such great traction. Here is a closer look at the traverse out to the goods.

Tomorrow, look for another cool day with good visibility, amazing Groomers and still some closed areas waiting in the wings. Keep your eyes on the openings. The pack is amazing wall to wall and there are no exceptions. Entrances and traverses have improved markedly. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so dial in the focus for me. Stay Frosty!!

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