3-08-20 by dave

With a scant forecast for this storm, The Faithful got a surprise accumulation of frosting on the hill. There was fully the 5″ the Bird site reported, but certain areas received a bit more. The Morning Crew worked the Lewis and Clark area, where the visibility kept the crowd away. The low angle lines there made the new installment feel deep and luxurious, with only a few hints of the substrate. Ski Patrol Gully opened, but the interference patterns there made the ride a bit difficult, but the new product still felt good. Here is a shot of Keith Bates digging deep and getting all of it.

Keith checking the snow density and finding it spreadably smooth.

After breakfast, the pack had been worked and the harbor chop began to build up, which made my knees scream. Tomorrow, look for a cloudy day, with some wind working the lines. There is still some fresh waiting in the wings and along the side lines. That old substrate is still in play, but may be mitigated a bit by the new snow. The Groomers will be offering the smooth lines, but they may be a touch punchable, so don’t stick your edge too hard to avoid breaking through the mat.

Wendy bringing in the first Barone’s Pie of the night.

The first Pizza Night went off with another amazing sampling of off the Menu pies, compliments of Miky M of Barone’s Pizza and Kazoodi, who was turning out the traditional pies.

The signature Barone’s single serving cast iron pans oiled and ready for another night!
A Neapolitan delight with just the right amount of Char. Hot out of the oven.

Thank you Kazoodi for hosting such a great gathering. See you on the hill in the AM for the smooth cruising prepared morning corduroy. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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