6-02-19 by dave

The Sun was out from the opening bell this morning, with a chill in the air, that hinted at a light freeze, or perhaps a chill. The prepared lines were breaking from the start, and had good tooth top to bottom on all sides of the hill. Even Regulator was carveable for the early turns. Mineral Basin was offering soft sorbet lines, and I revisited the corn line from Friday, where it was again supportable and velvety. You got to love Perfect when you get it. Here is a shot of the Light at the end of the Tunnel.

This Tunnel brings you to THE OTHER SIDE, another Dimension.

I went in search of some smoothness out off the Road To Provo, but got too far outside the box and had to turn back and dream up a Plan B on the fly. Fortunately, there was a proper path close at hand. I referenced this admonishment as we worked our way along toward the exit.

This admonishment works on so many levels in so many contexts.

Tomorrow, the Big Return continues and days are going to warm up. I will be returning to my inquiries into Quantum Foam Fluid Dynamics. See you next weekend. Remain Standing!!!

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