1-01-21 by dave

It was a Sun shine, Fun shine morning, with bright clear skies, cold temps, smooth Groomers, and a fast out of the gate for the early risers. Mineral Basin was fully illuminated, and the valleys beyond were filled with clouds, making it seem like we are in Heaven, but then again, we are.

Looking South toward Provo peak with the clouds filling the Valleys.

I spent quite a bit of time working the off trail lines that I have been avoiding, and I found very variable conditions that ran the gamut form icy crunch, to soft filled pockets of wind blown powder. I took my time making my way down the pitches, taking special care to observe where the thin spots and reefs were showing for future reference. Traffic was much lighter this morning, so some fast laps were on tap.

Looking West over The Salt Lake Valley which was full of lacy clouds and looked like what Lake Bonneville might have looked like 25,000 years ago.

Tomorrow, look for some clouds in the forecast, which might put a damper on the visibility. The Groomers will still be offering the smooth consistency which is key in tough visibility. The off trail will continue to be interesting, and the high traffic has really amplified the interference patterns across the hill. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so enjoy the hill and keep a sharp eye out for the smoothest lines. IBBY!!!

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