1-26-19 by dave

Sun light illuminated the dance floor this morning, making the opening of the closed areas a full resolution experience on all levels. Traffic was fairly light, and those that got the goods, got a bonus round in the first degree. The Groomers were offering amazing carpets of AHHHHHHH, which let you find your inner Ligety without any slip or chatter. This last installment provided a perfect machine working medium that did not bring up any of that old layer that we had been working before this cycle buried it till Spring. Here is a selfie shot that is not a selfie, since I did not take the shot myself. These new POC goggles are amazing, with crystal clear resolution, solid glare mitigation, and an unbelievably large field of vision.

Tomorrow, look for more great snow all over the hill, with perfect Grooming to dial in your roll. The Sun will be shining once again, and Mineral Basin will be in full illumination effect. I will be taking a first hand look at the hill after my day off today. I expect to find excellence on all sides of the hill, and the cold temps. have helped keep the pack refrigerated nicely. See you there for the First Tram festivities. Speed Safely!!

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