3-24-19 by dave

Between 7 and 12” of Grauple covered the dance floor this morning. The consistency was quite dense, however, it was quite cold, so it created a bit of a cushion to mitigate the underlying substrate. Visibility was very difficult, as the clouds and heavy snow fall made staying close to the trees the way to get definition. I was sticking to the known smooth lines and I worked the machine worked lines on the front of the hill to keep the momentum going. I bailed on a tour of Mineral Basin, as it was hard enough to see on the front of the hill with the trees. Better visibility was beginning to occur around Noon, as the clouds began to lift a bit and the details became clearer. With the dense quality of the new product, the harbor chop began to build up quickly, demanding a slow, round, direct approach to keep from getting bounced around by the abrupt piles. Tomorrow, look for better visibility, unopened areas still waiting in the wings, extensive Grooming efforts on all sides of the hill, and much lighter traffic as we start the week. Look for the smooth lines for the best ride, and you can expect still soft snow on the off trail sections, though that substrate will still be in play. Entrances and traverses remain well covered, which makes all your favorite lines easier to access. See you there for the untracked lines waiting for the light touch. Straight Ahead!!

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