2-14-19 by dave

The South wind was blowing with strong intent this morning, with over cast skies, medium snow flurries, and some exquisite Essence that was just amazing. 12″ of freshness had fallen overnight, but the wind redistributed the product, stripping some aspects and loading others. Attention to the wind direction paid big dividends. The turning was perfectly sweet like sugar kisses with dense, buoyant, frothy quality that made you feel like super man. The overall pack was very smooth and whatever interference patterns that were extant were no issue at all. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the effervescent goodness out on The Keyhole when baldy opened.

The Peruvian Gulch opened with Mineral Basin a bit later. The wind was nuking so hard in Mineral Basin that I worked the front side looking for wind transported lines that were getting filled in as fast as you could lap the sections. Traffic was medium, and there was no waiting on the chairs and only minimal waiting on the Tram. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight as the Front will be moving in and it looks juicy. The hill is prime wall to wall, and everything I skied today was so smooth that all aspects will be good to go top to bottom. Be sure to check the road report for restrictions, as there was big activity on the road early this morning. Dress for storm riding and expect greatness. Stay Frosty!!

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