4-24-19 by dave

Temps. were much warmer this morning and a sorbet sensation was on tap if you chased the Sun as fast as you could. White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper were buffed and perfect as the Morning Crew worked the sweet carpets with no one out front. Gheen Gully was also given a fresh treatment that was perfect as perfect gets. Thanks to the Grooming Crew for making these lines and carpets sooooo sweet. The front side of the hill began to break around 10 AM, with soft corn lines on the prepared sections that were back country excellent. Here is a shot that Neil sent of yesterday’s treatment of Old Ladies prepared top to bottom. This is a very rare site and there probably aren’t many like it ever.

One of the longest continuous lines on the hill, this rare shot of machine worked Old Ladies is one for the books.

The dreaded stickies cropped up around 1:30PM and I bailed to save my knees. Tomorrow, look for an early break, as I don’t think it is going to get very cold overnight with the clouds that have moved in this afternoon. The Groomed lines will be offering the best of the day and continued efforts to stay ahead of the break will be important. Traffic is light and there is plenty of time to work the hill as it comes alive. Here is a shot of my good friend Randall Rosenthal, who has not been back for 20 years at least. It was a mind boggling to see him standing there waiting for the Tram.

The return of one of the Masters. Be sure to check out his Art on his web site, it is incredible!!!

Spring has been an amazing time that has brought many folks to the Bird for the first time and it is so fun to share the stoke after getting the goods.

DEE VEE glowing after an amazing day on the hill.

This is a shot of DEE VEE, who had an epiphanistic experience on the hill today. She is from Deer Valley and was very impressed with everything, especially the Summit at Hidden Peak, where she had a great lunch and basked in the high energy field that exists there. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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