1-14-20 by dave

Nuking winds put the Tram down for the day and began to smooth the mountain in some places and scouring other aspects all day. With a slight delay in opening the chairs, the faithful were in full attendance, but the Quads got them up the hill quickly and working the chairs on the Gad side of the hill kept you ahead of the curve. The Little Cloud chair was really windy and Regulator was taking beating. On the Peruvian side of the hill, the wind lines were beginning to shape up as the wind kept smoothing the surface as fast as you could put a track in it. Here is a shot of The Bruce Tree on my recon run on the fringes looking for the smoothest lines.

On such a rockin’ day I stopped by The Bruce Tree to pay respects to all who have found the music of the mountain and made it their life’s song.

Tomorrow, look for those wind smoothed lines to be found out and about. Where? Wherever the wind direction put it. You can bet a lot of the product was moved to Mineral Basin from my observations. There are areas still to be opened and we’ll have to see how it shakes out. Check the road report for Canyon access in the AM. The weather dude is suggesting a clearer day, but I expect wind to still be part of the equation. I will be dressing for cold in any event and will adjust accordingly. Big thanks to the Ski Patrol for all the hard work they have put in during this cycle. And thanks to all the folks who make the Bird turn every day. Speed Safely!!

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