1-30-19 by dave

The day offered bright Sun, very little wind, cool temps., and amazing Grooming efforts, which provided a full day of smooth cruisin’ bell to bell. The pack had consolidated even more overnight, making the machine worked lines initially crisp, but with traffic the crystals started to gather into a wonderful sugar that kept building up. It was a perfect day for the carving sticks. Here is a shot of the ideal choice for the day’s carving extravaganza.

Traffic was light, and Mineral Basin was offering the Sun and wide open carpets that let you explore your inner Ligety. Here is a shot of a well represented gathering of the Morning Crew as the day kicked into gear.

Some afternoon wind picked up and began to massage some of the High North aspects, where perfect dust covered wind slab was on tap. Perfection is where you find it, and you will find it there for sure if you look for the treads. Tomorrow, look for another clear day with great Grooming efforts on all sides of the hill. Look for those High North aspects to be holding some of the silky wind slab that is supportable and good to go. The day may warm up a bit more in the afternoon, so watch those direct aspects that may be absorbing some Sun energy.

This gentleman recognized this Teddy The Dog Sticker on my new Dyanstar Legend 96s and was stoked to know Teddy and find the obscure reference in such a place as Hidden Peak. Got to keep the stoke alive!! See you on first Boat for the first rippin’ runs of the day. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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