5-07-19 by dave

Clouds were gathering as a Low Pressure was poised to move into the Front. I dressed for how I wanted it to be and was caught a tad under dressed, but a short window of clearing, and some Sun illumination got me through the dodgy bits. Powder Paradise and Lower Silver Dipper were prepared on the back side as well as nice carpets on Lupine Loop that made for rapid laps on sorbet quality carpets of AHHHHH. The Morning Crew worked the upper mountain and worked a sensational Lehi Cut Off that had been prepared as well as an added extra bonus treatment of the Bluffdale Return, which made for a line that had, never in my long memory, been given the Industrial Smoothing treatment. A big shout out to the Grooming Crew for throwing down such exquisite delights. The quality there was deep sugar perfect and we had to lap it several times to get all it had to offer. Here is a shot I took from The Summit On Hidden Peak, which is just amazing as it sits largely at 11,000′. It is such an amazing facility and is wonderful to soak up the vibrations.

The West Twin and Pipeline are framed in the floor to ceiling windows on the Bird World

Here is another shot of me getting zapped by the Telluric Energy and making my hair stand on end.

The energy on the peak is full on and charged up.
Mark Malu was perfect with a rippin’ GS course set up for just 4 trainees. They were throwing down in a big way.

As the clouds moved in, we squeezed the last bit of awesome out of the top elevations and began to work the great lines in Peruvian Gulch until the snow kicked in for real and sent us to the Forklift Chair to assess the options, but we got two full hours of great lines before it all filled in. Tomorrow, look for another storm day as another Low moves in. Dress for weather, and don’t be like me and get caught trying to be tragically hip. The Groomers will still be offering great lines and the corn quality is excellent. Off trail is still dubious and was not looking like much fun if some of the folks trying it out was any indication. See you there dark and early for the festivities. Dial it up, Dial it in!!

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