1-11-19 by dave

The Valley was socked in all day long, but the peak held on to some residual clouds for the morning session. Sun was shining through for the first hour, but it all burned off and it was a blue bird day all day long. The Groomers were amazing on all sides of the hill and some interesting new Grooming efforts have provided some serious fun for the early risers. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper got the nod, and it was a full charged rock fest top to bottom Here is a shot from the peak at the wild clouds in the Valley.

The front of the hill was offering very wide open lines with very little traffic, and a freshly worked section on Primrose Path kept me hitting the line Tram after Tram. Back to back Trams were easy to make and not fully loaded, making maximum vert. fun to rack up. I met the Shoreline Conn. Crew on the Peak, and they were stoked and ready to hit the afternoon session that was good to go on all sided of the hill.

Tomorrow, look for another blue bird day with Sun and light winds. The Groomers will be offering amazing snow sport sliding and be looking for additional machine worked lines that may have been prepared. Those early untracked lines of Corduroy are hard to beat. Follow the Sun and enjoy the great cover and wide open lines all over the hill. I will be taking the day off, so dial it in for me. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!

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